Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ObamaLand - Where A Salary Raise Counts As A 'Saved Job'

This is just too good to pass by.

Lots of people have commented on the idiocy of the Obama Administration mantra of a few hundred thousand jobs 'saved or created' as unemployment heads upwards and the amount of real, honest to goodness jobs lost is in the millions with no end in site.

Now, we find out that not only is the idea of jobs 'saved or created' fictional, it's downright farcical.

Virtually all the jobs the government is claiming were 'saved or created' by th ebogus stimulus are in 935 jobs at the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council.

The problem is, only 508 people work there.

This wonderful bit of Obama new math is explained by counting employees in government offices who got salary increases as additional personnel with 'saved jobs':

About two-thirds of the 14,506 jobs claimed to be saved under one federal office, the Administration for Children and Families at Health and Human Services, actually weren't saved at all, according to a review of the latest data by The Associated Press. Instead, that figure includes more than 9,300 existing employees in hundreds of local agencies who received pay raises and benefits and whose jobs weren't saved.

Basically what happened is that when the Obama Administration shoveled out the stimulus money, they specifically instructed the officials to consider a fraction of each employee who got a raise as a job saved. And some offices even went further double counting each employee who got a raise as a separate 'saved job':

At Southwest Georgia Community Action Council in Moultrie, Ga., director Myrtis Mulkey-Ndawula said she followed the guidelines the Obama administration provided. She said she multiplied the 508 employees by 1.84 — the percentage pay raise they received — and came up with 935 jobs saved.

"I would say it's confusing at best," she said. "But we followed the instructions we were given."

Not to rain on the parade of the Wizard of O, but I also feel obligated to point out that these are all government jobs, paid for by taxpayer dollars - not jobs actually involved in productivity or in creating wealth, the stuff that leads to actual jobs being created.You know, the stuff that gets taxed in order to pay for all those government jobs .

He is O, the Great and Powerful...and uh, pay no attention to that little man behind the curtain.

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Stop that man behind the curtains! Now we know who is really behind global warming!