Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Today's Must Reads, 11/03/09

Feel free to send anything you find that you feel is worthy of a look to me at rmill2k@msn.com and I'll review it. This includes stuff you write yourself.Or if you prefer, you can send it to Natasha, our must reads Avatar..she loves to get mail.

  • Politics Daily:NY 23- How Sarah Palin stands to win and Charlie Crist stands to lose

  • Politico :Uncivil war in the GOP

  • Dan Riehl :GOP - Clarity, not civil war

  • Election Journal:Video- NJ Dems using gangbangers for GOTV

  • Jonah Goldberg:GOP alive and well

  • WAPO :Polls point to GOP sweep in Virginia

  • Hot Air:A GOP Sweep Today?

  • Rasmussen:45% for Obama , 49% against - if election were held today

  • Joel Kotkin/Forbes:The Blue state middle class exodus

  • Politico:Healthcare bill could linger into next year

  • Yahoo News :House Obamacare bill totals $1,2 trillion!

  • Gateway Pundit: Video - Michele Bachmann: Jan 5 DC Rally Against Obamacare is the “Super Bowl of Freedom”

  • WAPO: Abortion provisions could torpedo House bill

  • Gallup :Blacks more satisfied with America under Obama than Whites

  • WSJ: Obama and special interests

  • Rich Lowry:Too Busy For Liberty - Behind Obama's Berlin Wall Snub

  • Rich Lowry:Too Busy For Liberty - Behind Obama's Berlin Wall Snub

  • WSJ :Hillary Finally Breaks Silence On Pakistan

  • Der Spiegal :The Afghanistan fiasco

  • Foreign Affairs :Why the Taliban Can't be flipped

  • Israel Matzav:Israeli Military Intelligence says no possible civilian use at Iran's QOM nuclear facility

  • Der Spiegal :How Israel destroyed Syria's Nuclear site

  • Joel Mowbray Blame Israel first..always

  • Jerusalem Post:Hamas successfully tests Iranian missiles that can hit Tel Aviv

  • Frida Ghitis, Miami Herald :Iran - Delay, Confuse and Backtrack

  • The Onion:Victim in fatal car chrash tragically not Glenn Beck

  • Politico: Near 70-year -old ex-Marine punches out younger reporter in WAPO newsroom over insult

  • Paula A. DeSutter/WashingtonTimes The intelligence gap on Iran and how to fix it

  • The telegraph:Russia 'simulates' nuclear attack on Poland

  • Daniel Pipes:Turkey, an ally no more

  • The Age : Czech president becomes last EU leader to sign Lisbon EU treaty


    louielouie said...

    there's another one of those articles describing how blue staters are moving to the red states........and bringing their blue state mentality with'em.

    Anonymous said...

    To Joshua Pundit, the article by Daniel Pipes got me wondering :

    What is your opinion re Turkey's application for membership of the European Community?

    I have been following Turkey's manoeuvring for more than 4 decades. Turkey 1st sought membership of a predecessor of the EU called the Common Market, or the European Economic Community, (EEC), in the early 60s.

    The United Kingdom &, tacitly, the United States had always supported Turkey's bid ; whereas, France, including all the French presidents save 1 former president (I can't recall which 1 at the moment) had always opposed the bid. I believe that Germany & Austria are also consistently on the anti-bid side. President Sarkozy continues the French opposition.

    Critics had long accused France of simply not wishing for the admission of a new state that would automatically constitute the 2d largest voting block in the European Parliament of what is, after all, a de-facto state (a common European President, a common European Parliament, a common European currency : that sounds like a country, albeit, a loose, confederative 1, to me).

    The French insist that it is a cultural matter, & a number of things which have occurred in the last decade lead credence to their position : 1) the election of a Mohammetan party, circa 2002 ; 2) the efforts by that government to force universities to accept the misogynistic religious head scarfs (an European court maintained the ban, fortunately) ; 3) the re-election of that government by the Turkish people, & 4) all the detente & rapprochement with Syria & Iran mentioned in the article.

    Perhaps the French were right all along. Lately, I've been seeing everything from the French perspective.

    Anonymous said...

    PS, forgot to sign --


    PS, I don't want to sound like a fanatic in my opposition to the head-scarfs, but we in the democratic West must draw the line somewhere.

    Freedom Fighter said...

    I think the EU is insane if it takes an Islamist country like Turkey in, especially giventhe problems Europe has withits Muslims.

    Among other things,Turkey would be privy to EU defenses and there would be an open border...which in this climate,means an openborder for anyone from Syria or Iran as well.


    Anonymous said...

    To Joshua Pundit,

    I agree : that, alas, is my position. The de-facto state of Euroland should not try to swallow a Turkey. ;)