Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh, And Senator Landrieu Is A Smarter Hooker Than I Thought..

When I originally found out that Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana sold her vote yesterday for a measly $100 mill bribe of your tax dollars in special federal aid from the White House, I referred to her as setting her price too early, like a low ball Vegas hooker. And I mentioned that if she was really together, she would hold out until the last minute for a higher price.

Well, I stand corrected. She did exactly that and got her White House John - er- Barack to shell out $300 mill of our money for her performance.

Of course, like Ben Nelson ,Blanche Lincoln and a few others, she let it be known that her vote today was not to be construed as a vote for the final bill.

In the trade, I believe that additional acts not covered in the initial arrangement between a business girl and her client are known as 'extras', and they always cost more.

I have no doubt that Senator Landrieu willbe able to get some more money out of the Obama Administration when the time comes.

Oh, and as Michelle Malkin reveals, plenty of your money is earmarked for a lot of interesting people inside the bill itself...

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