Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Obama Has A Statement On Iran - No Joke

Here it is, as just released by the White House:

Thirty years ago today, the American Embassy in Tehran was seized. The 444 days that began on November 4, 1979 deeply affected the lives of courageous Americans who were unjustly held hostage, and we owe these Americans and their families our gratitude for their extraordinary service and sacrifice.

This event helped set the United States and Iran on a path of sustained suspicion, mistrust, and confrontation. I have made it clear that the United States of America wants to move beyond this past, and seeks a relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran based upon mutual interests and mutual respect. We do not interfere in Iran’s internal affairs. We have condemned terrorist attacks against Iran. We have recognized Iran’s international right to peaceful nuclear power. We have demonstrated our willingness to take confidence-building steps along with others in the international community. We have accepted a proposal by the International Atomic Energy Agency to meet Iran’s request for assistance in meeting the medical needs of its people. We have made clear that if Iran lives up to the obligations that every nation has, it will have a path to a more prosperous and productive relationship with the international community.

Iran must choose. We have heard for thirty years what the Iranian government is against; the question, now, is what kind of future it is for. The American people have great respect for the people of Iran and their rich history. The world continues to bear witness to their powerful calls for justice, and their courageous pursuit of universal rights. It is time for the Iranian government to decide whether it wants to focus on the past, or whether it will make the choices that will open the door to greater opportunity, prosperity, and justice for its people.

Not much that's concrete or definite, is there? For clarity on Iran
you need to listen to Ahmadinejad or Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who - again - just advised against diplomacy with the US,calling it " naive and perverted. "

If I might presume to correct the president on one point...Iran has already made its choice,and they were pretty definite about it. As a matter of fact, to their credit, they've been pretty honest about it for about the last six years now.

It's you, Mr. President that has to choose now, not Iran.

And there are only three doors in this particular game show: give them whatever they want in hope of appeasing them in the hope you can trust them, accede to their demands and learn to live with Iran as a nuclear power, or go to war.

And this is one you can't blame on Bush, dither or vote present on, Mr. President.

This one's on you.


Alpha3958 said...

It is amazing how Obama accepts the historical narrative of America's enemies. "Those who control the past control the future." Especially in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

How are we going to survive for the next 4 years with this fool in charge?

B.Poster said...

Time permitting I'll read FF's post. They are always excellent and very informative!! Unfortunately I'm pressed for time right now. For now the first paragraph is important and it speaks volumes.

Mr. Obama refers to the holding of these Americans as being done "unjustly." If he holds to this view, this guarantees that any negotiations will be fruitless. The Iranians feel it was "just" and most of the world agrees with them. ('m not agreeing with the Iranian narrative but this is what they think and most of the world agrees. Again it doesn't mean their right. I'm just pointing it out.)

louielouie said...

i disagree with ff.
hussein may not blame this on bush. but he certainly is blaming it on america. he will vote present. and it's not on him.
iran does not view the US as being a country to benefit from.
the sphere of influence they seek is with the USSR and china. they can get anything they want/need from those countries so why meddle with the US?
and yes i said USSR, that's not a typo. and it is correct. but that's another thread.

B.Poster said...

Louie speaks the truth. The USSR still exists. It simply reorganized and changed its name. Frankly, if I were Iran, I wouldn't really bother with America either. The reality is America is bankrupt, its military is worn down and there isn't sufficient funding to be able to rebuild and upgrade it to the level where it could be competitive with the major world powers. China and Russia are likely to be the dominant powers of the 21st century and perhaps beyond. As such, it really doesn't make much sense for the Iranians to sit around fretting about America.

If one wanted to bring America to its knees, it wouldn't be very hard. Its infrastructure is old and crumbling and there is not sufficient money to fix it. If I'm the Iranians, I'm thinking a little sabatoge would be in order. There agents are no doubt already here, they have a number of friends in South and Central America, and there is a substantial fifth column here in the United States who would gladly assist them.