Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Dear Leader Chronicles: Mind Raping The Young

John Nolte in Big Hollywood has written before about 'Praise Obama' videos featuring young children manipulated by adults.

But this is downright creepy, and as far as I'm concerned, borderline child abuse:

Big Hollywood has already posted a couple disturbing videos of young school children singing/speaking praises to President Obama, but when eleven more dropped in our email box it came as quite a shock. What seemed like an aberration now appears to be a troubling pattern.

Maybe “epidemic” is a better word.

Each one of the videos below is creepier than the last because the further down you go, the younger the children — brace yourself for kindergartners – except for the last and most disturbing video, which you have to see to believe.

Each one of these videos is complete with a transcript. I 'll just show one of them, from Powell Elementary in New Jersey, where the school’s age range is pre-kindergarten through the third grade:


Barack Obama there is none higher
Other politicians should call me sire
To burn my kingdom you must use fire
I create change till I retire!

Democratic Party come correct
Our cuts are on time our rhymes connect
Got the right to vote and will elect
Others can’t feel us but give us respect

Now I walked through crowds, shook many hands
Spent my time saying YES WE CAN!
I stood on many stages, held many mics
Took airplane flights at great heights
PA and Jersey, I won that fight

Chicago Illinois was so hype
Moving so strong
Biden joined the fight
Now we are a team and we ignite!

Now I crash through walls,
Cut through floors,
Burst through ceilings
Knock down doors.

He is George
And I’m Turan
We’re never far behind
In class we shine
For every living person
With dreams and plans

Keep hope alive –
Think “Yes We Can”

We’re the baddest of the bad
The cool of the cool
I’m Barack
I rock and rule.

I’m Joe. I rock and rule.
It’s not a trick or treat or April fools,
It’s all brand new
With a little old school.

We’ve got the music and the message
For all my friends.
Check us out on the internet,
Load and send.

Music ain’t nothing
but a people's jam.
It’s President Obama

Rockin’ with the band!

There are ten more of these, including one from a school that petitioned successfully to change its name to Barack Obama Elementary. Read the whole thing

Soulless vampires, to feed on defenseless little kids this way...This is exactly how Mao, Fidel and Hitler did it.

UPDATE: 11/08/09...down the memory hole.The White House was a tad slow removing this, but they eventually got to it.


Anonymous said...

The question becomes, where are these children's parents?Have they so abrogated their children's future that they just don't care what they are taught?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Elise,

Thanks for dropping by..

First of all,I would bet that 40-50% of these children in public schools are being raised without fathers ( or with highly limited access to fathers), if not more. Our barbaric child custody laws, our welfare policies, our no fault divorce laws and general social approval of single moms and a culture that makes individual gratification at the expense of responsibility positive thing helped this trend along.

That makes it even more difficult to monitor when there's only one parent.

In the black community the last time I checked, 70% of the births were out of wedlock.

Second, working parents unable to afford private schools rarely have the time to intervene, and the cadres of the teacher's unions and administrators largely keep these little projects a secret unless they happen to get outed.

Vouchers allowing working parents to choose their kids schools would goa long way towards helping fix this.

No matter where they go to school,Parents have to make a point of being involved in their kids' education both at school and at home, and monitor both the facts and the VALUES they are being taught.


louielouie said...

another way to look at it would be that the parents approve.

Freedom Fighter said...

My my, Louie..on the one hand, you frequently tell me that Americans are malt liquor guzzling trailer trash dumbasses, and here you are giving them credit for being knowing, conscious Obama stooges with political minds!

Probably there are some that approve, particularly in the black community or in places like San Francisco or Berkeley.

But the majority probably just don't understand what's going on.

Anonymous said...

They're just missing the little red books.

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, that's just plain scary.

louielouie said...

i've never said americans were/are "malt liquor guzzling trailer trash dumbasses".
what i've said is they are as dumb as a sack of hair.
there's a difference.

Freedom Fighter said...


Weekend Monkey said...

Looky who's taking about dumb!

Hee hee hee!

Go screw a baboon, loser...or send me some moolah for one of them Nigerian JP stock options!

Weekend Monkey