Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Successor For Teddy Kennedy In Every Way

The State of Massachusetts has a special election for the Senate coming up, and seems poised to contribute the 'benefit' of another Ted Kennedy to our nation's Senate.

Given the state's status as an apparent fiefdom of the Democrats, the choices appear to be:

  • Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley,a fairly typical judicial Leftist who admittedly knows nothing about foreign policy but thinks trying terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian courts is a fine idea. She also has the approval of the far Left Emily's List as well as various members of the Kennedy Family, and is dedicated to bringing the benefits of Obamacare to the nation... except she likes abortion-on-demand and favors the elimination of the Stupak Amendment.

  • Quasi-socialist Rep. Michael Capuano (endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, ex-governor and Dem Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis and the UAW) is a member of the House Financial Services Committee along with Barney frank, with all that implies. He's also an abortion-on-demand fan, and a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Angry Left fringe of the Democrats. He also supports 'card check' legislation to eliminate the secret ballot in Labor unions.

  • Alan Khazei, an activist with a long history of shaking down government and private industry for 'community organizing'projects, and a huge supporter of Obama's attempt to create a domestic security force and indoctrination centers with mandatory service requirements. Khazei has already received the endorsement of the Boston Globe. He's an American whose father was an Iranian Muslim, (which I mention just to get the speculation off the table) who has very predictable views on how the US should deal with Iran's quest for nuclear weapons and has the following plan on Afghanistan:

    a) Bring the troops home and rely on drones ( and never mind that they're of very limited effectiveness without intel on the ground)

    b) Have a written-in-stone withdrawal date, to let al-Qeada and the Taliban know when they canexpect to take over.

    c) Increase Karzai's anger and sense of personal insult towards at the Obama Administration by encouraging his overthrow by the opposition in the form of Abdullah Abdullah (and let's forget about the inconvenient fact that Abdullah Abdullah is half Tajik, which means the dominant Pashtuns will never accept him as leader)

    d) negotiate with the Taliban

    e) Spend lots of money on nation building in both Afghanistan and in Pakistan - which Kazei laughingly refers to as 'a new democracy'.

    Can you imagine Alan Kazei on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

The three will vie for the Democrat's nomination in a special election on December 8th and are polling now in exactly the order I listed them here, with Coakley the current front runner by a nice margin.The winner will almost certainly win teddy's Senate seat come January 19th.

What is it about Massachusetts? Something in the water,perhaps? Do the good people of the State of Massachusetts really want people of this ilk representing them?

Although living as I do in California, perhaps I shouldn't point fingers too broadly.Talk about embarrassing representaton...

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Anonymous said...

I live here assachusette,But I am not voting for them.i just dont know why there is no other party running for the seat??