Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is Andrew Sullivan An Anti-Semite?

The always stimulating RS McCain asks the question:

I certainly don't think so, and consider it terribly unfortunate that Sullivan has exposed himself to this damaging accusation through his reflexive enthusiasm for all things Obama -- just as he once was denounced as a "neocon" because of his reflexive enthusiasm for all things Bush.

I'm normally rather hesitant to play the Jew hater card myself...but in Sully's case, I have absolutely no problem pulling it out.

He may not even realize how much of an anti-Semite he actually is.

Andrew is one of the new breed of Jew haters, who attempts to mask his bigotry by promoting it as 'anti-Zionism',using the term 'neocon' as a synonym for Dirty Jews and questioning why the US doesn't cut loose from Evil Israel,and by implication agrees with Osama bin-Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that 9/11 and the current War against Jihad we're currently engaged in is basically Israel's fault . He also spends a lot of time fantasizing about the all powerful Jewish lobby, a staple of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.

Even his Atlantic colleague Jeff Goldberg has noticed a certain smell about his increasingly paranoid ravings.

So fine, we've established that Sully has a major jones against Israel and `Zionists'. Does that make him a Jew hater?

There's no such thing as a perfect nation, Israel's no exception to that rule and I'm the last person who would suggest that it is.

But when you make special rules for the only Jewish country that you apply to no other country, when you place an inordinate focus on Israel's supposed sins, when you want to restrict Jews and only Jews as to where they may live and build homes, when you bitch at them for the sin of actually defending themselves from genocidal enemies and when you actually shill for those enemies, then the label Jew hater applies.

That's a simple truth, even if you have self-hating,misguided Obamabots like J-Street to wear as a mask.

Another thing Sully and the people with his particular outlook always neglect to mention is the huge upside to America's alliance with Israel, one of our major strategic allies.

That's makes him and people of his ilk not only unpatriotic but either ignorant, willfully disembling or both.



B.Poster said...

I could not make the link about the huge upside of America's alliance with Isarel work. While it has been a hage upside to America. I think it has been a huge downside to Israel. I think Isarel should cut America loose and the sooner they do so the better.

As I see it, Isael has two options. they can rely on God who promised them the land of Israel as an eternal possesion or they can try to cut deals with Russia, China, and India. Barring some type of divine intervention these are likely to be the major powers of the 21st century.

Russia is the most powerful county on earth right now. China is the second most powerful counry on earth right now. America is no where close to either of those powers right now. Why should Israel work with America right now? If I were them, I'd put as much distance between me and the Americans as I could? In fact, declare war on America and attack preemptively, American forces would be easily defeated by better trained and better led Israeli forces.

Prrsent the American forces as a gift to the Russians. In fact, send Mossad teams to capture Barack Obama and the leaers of the House and Senate and present them as gifts to the Russsians. They might want to tell the Americans who is coming and when they're coming and whose coming. We would not want to make it to easy now would we. Of course the Americnas are grossly incompetent. Even five years notice would not be enough for them.

As such, defeating America would be an easy job for Israel. Of course it would be easy for the Russians, the Chinese or both of them as well. The down side for Israel is the Russians may be most displeased that Israel denied them of their major prize. Frankly I think Israel's best bet is to rely on God who promised them the land of Israel.

Looking at this from Russia's perspectve it has to pain them that the country that they painted as their biggest enemy is so weak. Of course this could be part of their gramd plan. You see if the Americans did not exist as an enemy they would need to invent them. Much like Oceania in the book "1984" needed an enemy they could easily defeat any time they wished so do the Russians. It keeps their leaders in power and free from opposition.

As an American it pains me to write this, but this does no alter the truth. Isarel should distance itself from America as soon as possible.

Alpha3958 said...

Of course he is, just like the majority of Democrats and Obama supporters.

Anonymous said...

Sullivan has been becoming increasingly unhinged in recent; could it be that dementia's setting in?

Anonymous said...

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