Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama: "Hey All those Jooos Look Alike Anyway."

Apparently President Obama really did want a meeting in the end after all, since he and Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu did experience a little face time after all at the General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities function in DC they were both speaking at.

And Obama had a real knee slapper of a modest proposal:

At the meeting's conclusion, the two leaders walked out to the adjoining room where the Israeli and American delegations were talking.

“So," Obama announced, according to the source in the room, "we’ve decided that we are going to trade our Lieberman for their Lieberman," referring to the independent American senator and the hard-line Israeli foreign minister.

I'm sure that dissing an Israeli foreign Minister went over just wonderfully with Netanyahu and the assembled Israeli delegation.Guaranteed to create a real bonding experience.

Of course, to Prez Zero, one Jew's interchangeable with another, I suppose.

So....how 'bout we trade our Obama for his half brother in Kenya, the one that lives in a cardboard shack? Just as big a funny, no?

Naw. That would be raa-aa-acist.

I seem to remember some campaign noise out of a certain presidential candidate about how he was going to revive the relationships with our allies that the evil BushHitler had ruined.

Now, there's a real laugh riot for you.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the old story about Richard Nixon meeting with Golda Meir.
Nixon remarked to Golda that they both had Jewish foriegn ministers, Kissinger and Abba Ebba. Golda replied "Yes, but mine speaks better English".

Alpha3958 said...

I think you're being too harsh on him, in this instance. It was not really an insult to the Israeli Lieberman, and his anger towards the American Lieberman is probably related to their differences over health care. Let's not be oversensitive about a joke.

Freedom Fighter said...

Sorry Anon, I don't find the two stories similar.

For one thing, Nixonwas the most pro Israel president th eUS ever had...whereas Obama is the least.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Alpha,
Let's say that Netanyahu had suggested swapping Obama with MK Shlomo Mula ( who's black).

Want to bet that Obama and his pals in the press would be screaming "ra-aa-acism" ?

I'd probably be a lot more forgiving if it wasn't for Obama's constant attitude towards our ally Israel.

This was simply condescending BS


Sans said...

Couldn't you just put up a graphic that says "I will interpret everything involving Jews as a slur" and save yourself a whole lot of time?

Seriously, try coming up with any joke that could be less offensive than this one. Really, that's a challenge.

B.Poster said...

The truth is I'm not sure what to make of this. If it is supposed to be a joke, it certainly was not very funny. Had I been the Israeli Liberman I would have found it somewhere between a stupid remark to an insult. Had I been the American Liberman I probably would have had simillar thoughts.

Joe Liberman is an American citizen and the Israeli foregin minister is an Israeli citizen. We don't "trade" people. To say such things is beneath the dignity of someone who holds an important position such as Head of State as Mr. Obama does. In other words, people who hold such positions need to be much more serious. By making this statement Mr. Obama reveals he is either fundamentally unfit for the position he holds or he was VERY STUPID at the moment he made this remark. I suppose everyone has moments where they don't think clearly.

If stupid things like this were an isolated incident for this man, I would probably be inclined to overlook it. Unfortunately this seems to be far from isolated.

We are in a fight for our survival against a very powerful and very determined enemy. This enemy is far more dangerous to us than the ones we faced in WWII ever were or likely ever could have been. This is a time for the utmost seriousness. It is NOT a time to be making jokes. I can't imagine FDR or Woodrow Wilson making statements like this during a time of war.

B.Poster said...

Also, I might add that the economy faces challenges right now that have not been experienced since the great depression. This is definitely not a time for the President to be making jokes nor is it a good time to go around insulting your most important ally.

Israel acts as America's main buffer between it and the Islamic terrorists who seek to destroy it. Also, Israel shares valuable intellegence with America. Should Isreal decide not to cooperate America would be in even more trouble that it is currently in. If I had been insulted the way the Israeli Lieberman was, I would hope that my government would think seriously about not cooperating with the entity that made this insult. Furthermore such remarks are the hallmarks of unserious people.

Why should Israel cooperate with unserious people who insult them? Frankly for Israel to stop working with us would be an unmitigated disaster for America. As such, I don't want it to come to that but nevertheless I would expect Israel to act in its own best interests. As such, it would probably make sense for them to sever all ties with America right now.