Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DC Sniper Executed

I note that domestic Islamist terrorist John Allen Muhammed, AKA the DC Sniper was executed last night.

He was allowed to go off peacefully and painlessly via lethal injection, something his victims were denied. It only took a mere seven years for justice to be years....

Rot in hell, jihadi.

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B.Poster said...

If an American had gone to say Iran or Saudi Arabia and committed a crime like this in say the name of "Christianity", "Judaism", or some thing to this effect he would have been executed much faster and his death would have been far more painful.

Also, the media would have had field day vilifying "Christianity", "Judaism,
or whatever the case might be. In addition to this, the world would have been treated to daily reports about how the American government was behind this. (When it comes to criticizing America or its government, no proof is actually needed. Its automatically accepted as truth.) Here we have someone who was a part of Saudi funded mosques yet Saudi Arabia gets a pass from the American and world media. The double standard is sickening.

The fact that it took seven years to execute this man and the fact that his death was likely relatively painless will no doubt be viewed by our enemies as a sign of weakness and will inspire our enemies for some time to come.