Friday, November 20, 2009

Dems Try shoving ObamaCare Through - And Sen. Landrieu May Be That Kind of Girl

The push is on for the first cloture vote on Obama Care in the 2,000 page bill in the US Senate, scheduled for Saturday night by Dem. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

He'll need all 60 Democrat votes to pass it which means the bill is allowed on to the floor for the debate phase.

The key arm twisting is focused on Senators Ben Nelson of Nebraska,Evan Bayh of Indiana, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

In Landrieu's case, she appears to have established her price as inefficiently as a low ball Vegas hooker - $100 mil in Federal giveaways of other people's money to love Obamacare long time. She probably could have gotten even more if she'd held out another day...

Lincoln's case is very dicey. She basically faces a choice between voting for ObamaCare or being re-elected.

Bayh and Nelson both come from states that have an electorate that hates the idea of government run ObamaCare, but they're also well established incumbents, so we'll see.

It might be nice if all four of these senators heard from a few million of the American people,baby call.


louielouie said...

while i agree with ff, none of this is going to make any difference.
it is not about what is best for america, it is about feathering the nest.
and the four people ff mentions above have some very feathered nests.
if they don't get re-elected.....
who cares......
they gamed the system.......
they will make twice as much money lobbying, working half as much time.....
oooooohhhhhh i'm sure they are just really worried.......
and couldn't care less.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi louie,
Actually, some of them do, for the following reasons:

1) If a congressman or congresswoman resigns (assuming they have a term or three in) they get a much better retiement package than they do if they're defeated.

2) I know you disagree, but if ObamaCare is shoved through, that will be the end of the Dems' majority in both houses IMO. Especiially given the $500M in medicare cuts. Seniors vote, amigo.

Along with that defeat go choice committee chairmanships, etc. Committed Donkeys don't want to go over that cliff.

3)Likewise, so of the more intelligent ones realize that if Zero bombs out, it coul dbe a long time before a Dem is elected again. The last time a Dem incompetent got into the White House,(1976) they were out of power for 20 out of the next 28 years. And Clinton only broke the streak because of Ross Perot and a weak GOP opponent in '96.

That said, the chances are that this could very well pass, by fraudulent use of reconciliation with the GOP locked out of the room if necessary.

But the more this is fought and the more people learn about this kind of domestic fascism, the better in the long run, I think.

And it could be let's not just roll over.