Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maximum Denial - Gitmo Enemy Detainees To be Tried In NYC

By now, many of you know about the Obama administration's latest brainstorm - take Khalid Sheik Mohammed and the other Gitmo scum and try them in civilian courts in New York City.

I originally had a piece scheduled to dissect this nonsense, but then I ran across this video of ex-NYC mayor an dex-federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani being interviewed by Neil Cavuto that explains it even better:

Everything Rudy Giuliani says here is one hundred per cent accurate, including the possibility of a change of venue and/or an acquittal.And keep in mind that KSM and his fellow enemy combatants have already confessed to what they were accused of.

Confessed?!?! They're are proud of what they did as Soldiers of Allah. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever not to do a quick military tribunal and an execution, followed by a pigskin burial as a warning and deterrent to others.

That's exactly the way FDR treated German saboteurs in WWII sans pigskin...a military tribunal and then a rope necktie party. Or what our Brit friends would call the Tyburn Jig.

Maybe if we started doing that, the Major Hasans among us might have a few second thoughts.

Rudy skirts around saying it, but I'll call it what it is - a blatant attempt by the Obama Administration to appease the Muslim world at the expense of his fellow citizens. And it's also likely designed to distract the news cycle from the Obama Administration's abysmal failings by putting the Bush Administration on trial. And believe me, that's exactly what will happen. The ACLU,Lawyer's Guild and Center For Constitutional Rights Leftard attorneys will literally fistfight over the opportunity to volunteer to do just that,and the dinosaur media will eagerly embrace any opportunity to try and take the heat off Prez Zero.

Not only that, but it paves the way for those CIA witch trial prosecutions Obama and Holder are planning, to massage Obama's Leftist Base with political payback.

Another thing Rudy obviously knows but doesn't say is the problem of discovery. The defense attorneys will be screaming for classified US intel to make public not only during the discovery phase but during the actual trial, where they will try to call intelligence informants as witnesses. Even if the data is given to them with the proviso that it remain classified, rest assured that with these particular lawyers, it wil be leaked to our enemies.

Remember Lynne Stewart?

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