Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Conservatives Win In NY 23

The final results for the congressional election in New York's 23rd district are pretty much in.

FOX has called this for Democrat Bill Owens with 49% of the vote, with Doug Hoffman ending up with 46% and the other 'Democrat', Dede Scozzafava bringing up the rear with 6%.Hoffman has conceded.

But this is a huge victory for populist, small government conservatives.

I know,what has Rob been drinking? Listen up.

In a three man race with no RNC backing until the last part of the campaign and with his name only appearing in one slot on the ballot as opposed to two each for his opponents, Doug Hoffman came in second by an ACORN, if you get my drift.

And the message this has sent is a powerful one.

The GOP now knows that it will live or die with its populist small government conservative base, and that it will have to take them into account and cease backroom deals to nominate Leftists like Scozzafava.

The days of the Republican establishment getting away with pushing this poison are over, and the point is that their candidate, Scozzafava, was beaten like a gong.

And remember...what did we lose? If it had been a Scozzafava versus Owens race, the net result would have been another vote for Nancy Pelosi no matter who won.This way just clarifies matters, sorts them out.

The suits at the RNC just spent almost a million smackers on a Leftard 'Republican' they tried to impose on a district that went GOP by 60% in 2008. Sozzafava took the money and ran, dropped out, and then let herself be bribed by the Obama White House to endorse the Democrat. That's whom they chose. That's who the party establishment was backing.

That money could have been far better spent in NY 23 and elsewhere, and looking at how many votes Scozzafava siphoned off and how close the thing was, had the GOP actually niminated Hoffman from Day One and given him backing, I have a feeling the results would have been far different. Let's hope the RNC learned a lesson.Otherwise, the GOP elephant is going to be as extinct as the mastodon.

But wait,there's more. The more moderate Democrats watched this scenario unfold too, just as they watched the results of elections in New Jersey and Virginia. After all this, do you really think they're going to be that anxious to start re-arranging the deck chairs on the sinking SS Obama and go along for the ride while the ship hits icebergs like Obamacare and Cap N' Tax? No, people like Evan Bayh and Blanche Lincoln will be bolting for the lifeboats, thank you. They have elections to deal with next year.

Sure, it would have been an extra cherry on top if Doug Hoffman had managed to pull in another few thousand votes and win the seat. But the fact that this went down the way it did at all was a win in itself, and in the big scheme of things, one seat more or less doesn't matter all that much, compared with the overall effect.

It's now a whole new ballgame, with conservatives in other elections gearing up to insist to the RNC that they not be taken for granted..and that if the GOP wants their votes, their money and their passion, they had better not ignore them anymore.

This is beyond buzz words like 'liberal', 'moderate' or 'conservative'. It's huge.

The message of NY 23 is that GOP is going to have to stand for something, or go the way of the Whigs. That's what NY 23 was really about, and it achieved its purpose beautifully.

- Selah -


Anonymous said...

That seat has been held by the GOP since 1871.

And now lost by the extreme right.

Well done. :)

Craig said...

Spin it as hard as you can. Basically you're glad you lost. If you're happy I'm happy.

Freedom Fighter said...

Well Craig, to quote an old Irish saying "let him laugh who wins."
We'll see what you actually got in the end, won't we?

I think what was won last night far overshadows what was lost.

Th eLeft got lucky and won by an ACORN because the RNC and the local party big shots were clueless. I'm not sure you're going to get that advantage again.

And as I point out, had Hoffman not run, it would just have been another vote for Pelosi anyway.


B.Poster said...

Lets see here. The RNC establishment backs a candidate that is wholly incompatible with their base. Not only this but she gets the support of Republican big whigs such as Newt Gingrich thus getting the RNC to donate alot of money to her campaign. She then drops out and endorses the Democrat!!

With political instincts like this it is no wonder the Republicans can't seem to win. To have won two major races last night sheds some light on just how poorly the Democrats have performed.

louielouie said...

I know,what has Rob been drinking?
we all know the answer to that.

what i get from this election is that 49% of the people in this district are like craig, above.
they are happy with throwing former allies under a bus.
they are comfortable allowing ra....., ra......, arabs to plan/commit genocide.
they are comfortable with cap 'n' tax.
they are comfortable with death panels.
they are comfortable with this being the country formerly known as the united states of america(not capitalized for a reason).
49% of the people in this district are comfortable with all of this.
and craig too.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
Can't agree with you here.

Even with the RNC and their ineptness, even with Scuzzyfuzzy appearing twice on the ballot as a spoiler, Hoffman got within three points of carrying this off.

That is freaking amazing.

Had there been a primary and had Hoffman won ( as he undoubtedly would have) and had the party gotten behind him from Day One, he would have won handily. Look at the numbers.

Trust me, the powers that be in the GOP are looking at this very differently. SO are the blue dog Dems.

This was a major win, believe it or not. Hoffman winning would have just made it a bigger one.


Right Truth said...

I would rather have a moderate Democrat in than a Liberal RINO. Any day. Conservatives are making a statement and I think people are listening.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth