Sunday, November 15, 2009

Psycho babble


B.Poster said...

Actually the officer who assigned Major Hasan to his duties was probably an Islamic Terrorist sympathizer himself. As such, he does not need his "head examined." At best, the officer who assigned his duties needs to be relieved of their duties.

We've been so heavily infiltrated by Islamic terroists and their sympathizers that frankly I'm not sure where to begin in rooting these people out. I suppose the first step is acutally recognizing the problem. Unfortunately too many people seem to be unaware of the problem.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Poster,
Actually the truth is even worse.The people who passed on Major Hasan were not Islamists, but loyal decent people who were cowed into silence because of the prevailing culture of political correctness.


B.Poster said...


Thanks for the reply to my post. The people who passed on Major Hasan may have been loyal decent people who were cowed into silence as you say, however, who cowed them into silence? I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the chain of command there was an Islamists sympathizer.

Okay so I'll buy the argument that you make that these people were loyal hard working people, at least for the purpose of this post. Why were they cowed into silence? Did they fear reprisals? Perhaps they felt if they exposed Major Hasan their careers would be threatened? Perhaps it was worse. Did they fear for the lives of family members if they exposed the major? Were they worried about their own lives being in danger? Were they worried about unfavorable media coverage directed at them or family members if they exposed the major?

Whether they were loyal or not the fact remains that other interests be they interests of personal safety for themselves, the safety of themselves, or career advancement trumped national security interests and it trumped the interests of their fellow soldiers. Furthermore from the best I have been able to ascertain the fact that Major Hasan was an Isamic terrorist sympathizer should have been fairly easy for any one to spot. Bottom line they failed their duties and are unfit for service.

Yes I know this a VERY HARSH thing to write or say but this is what it looks like. Btw, command is a real b!tc@ sometimes!! It seems pretty clear these people were/are unfit for it.

Finally, its difficult fathom how a military that can't even be trusted to look out for the best interests of its own soldiers while at home can be trusted to fight a war overseas on multiple fronts. My confidence is not inspired. Again, I reiterate that I don't have a clue as to how you begin to clean out the Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers that have infiltrated all levels of our government. I'm certainly open to suggestions.

B.Poster said...

Any attempt to get Major Hasan out of the military or to deny him rank or promotion would have no doubt been treated very badly by the American and World news media. Perhaps his superiors were concerned about the negative effect such an action as removing Hasan from service might have had on our already poor image in other countries. Unfortunately by not acting decisively to get this man out of the military they have hurt our image even more than it would have been harmed had they simply removed this man!!