Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keeping the Faith

I wrote a piece on this site about how the Democrats will likely try to force ObamaCare through the Senate via reconciliation, and how I believe it will cost them their majority in both houses.

Long time pal and stalwart Joshua's Army member Louie Louie responded:

uh, yeah, good luck with that.

Come 2010, the jackass party picks up 10 seats in the house and 2 in the senate.

Remember, Americans are as dumb as a sack of hair.

Here's the thing about that.

If you're going to live in a democracy, you have to have some confidence in your fellow citizens to do the right thing ultimately.Otherwise there's no point.

This isn't any disrespect on my part towards Louie Louie, but simply what I innately believe.

I too am still amazed that the American people were misled enough to buy into Obama's con game, but they did, and there was obviously a reason for it. Remember my riffs on historical resonance. Leaders in a democracy usually get chosen because they reflect the needs and ethos of the electorate at a given time.

Consider this: When Obama ran, America had been toying with massive entitlements, debts and quasi-socialism for quite sometime. And in foreign policy, we had also been dealing with mostly ignoring or deliberately misdirecting our efforts towards defeating the Islamist jihad directed towards America, particularly within our own country, as well as coping with what I consider to be virtually a fifth column of the Left.

So we ended up with basically two inferior candidates, and people elected the Wizard of O because he was marketed as a panacea for what was ailing us. He was supposed to be all things to all people, and after 8 years of Bush people wanted to give it a try.

In Obama, we are seeing all of the qualities the Leftist elite always told us would be good for America...socialist take overs and diktats for 'fairness', a conciliatory foreign policy, appeasement of the Muslim world to make them go away, a so-called post racial America, 'green' policies, health care and assorted goodies for all.

None of it worked, of course. And having got what they thought they wanted, only now is the average American seeing how dangerous all this really is, as the facade cracks. We have never seen a president's approval ratings fall as quickly as Obama's in our history.

It never happened to me,but I have heard of parents catching their young children sneaking smokes or alcohol and curing them of the habit by sitting them down,breaking out the liquor or cigarettes and having them indulge excessively to the point of illness. And I believe that as a nation, we're going through something like that right now, because we were unable or unwilling to clean up our act otherwise.

What Obama and a number of his followers represent is the anti-America, in the sense of having values so divorced from the basic principles this country was founded on as to be almost direct opposites. My friend Bookworm recently wrote a superb piece in American Thinker on this very premise.

Either Obama will help clean out the arteries and provide a catharsis for us to reclaim our true nature, or he will be the death of our Republic, not because of any particular power he possesses but because he happened to come along at a very dangerous time, after a couple of mediocre presidents. And I fully believe it will be the former for a number of reasons, not least of which is my conviction that Almighty G-d has a special purpose or America and my bedrock faith in its people.

I've been fortunate to travel all across this amazing country we call home, and for all the chiseling,conniving and stupidity you find ( and that sort of thing exists in every country, trust me) what most stuck with me was the simple decency of the average American, their common sense, their willingness to lend a hand and pitch in, their basic sense of fairness.

Why else do you think the Left prefers to use the courts, resort to dirty tricks and do things behind closed doors rather than face a vote by their fellow citizens? And when an election can't be avoided, why else would the Left resort to things like voting illegal aliens and dead people, eliminating military absentee ballots on technicalities and similar tactics to cook the results if they really felt their ideas had widespread acceptance?

What Obama is doing is to wake people up who were placidly asleep and remind them of why this country was founded in the first place. Not all of them, and many of them are not entirely awake yet, but it's coming.

That's why Sarah Palin is such a visceral force politically..because she shares the values of average Americans and has an instinctive sense of what drives them and moves them. Reagan had the same quality, and likewise came along when the country was in danger and seemed to be in an unchangeable spiral of decline.

In the end, it will go how G-d intends, and I'm keeping the faith.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, you do need to have some faith in humanity to believe in democracy. I guess that's why I am losing my faith in democracy. Now don't get me wrong, I still agree with Churchill about democracy being the worst system except for all the others. Large numbers of morons and scoundrels are slightly slightly more likely to do the right thing than a small group or one man. But this least bad system is just not cutting it. With modern weapons in the hands of stone age enemies we can not afford to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. (How many more times do we need to try "socialism with a human face"?)

Super intelligent robot coup. That's the answer. Put the toaster ovens in charge of running the government, use blenders as CEOs and top it off with a droid army to manage the hippies and anachists.

louielouie said...

i agree with ff on everything except one item.
and it is a fundamental item that takes us on very different paths when we get to the end of our opinions.
if the divergence occured toward the end, we would not be very far apart, but as it is........
where i differ with ff is his premise that the american people were misled.
i don't believe they were.
i made a comment in a post ff made prior to the election. i could not believe the polling numbers. i couldn't understand how this nation went so far left so fast.
ff reflects the public positions very accurately.
however, very few americans applied the ff litmus test to the problems that face our nation.
and that test is this:
what will each candidate do about iran and supreme court nominations. those two conditions would case any sane person to stay away from the jackass party and vote for the old guy. weak as he may be.
but they didn't do that. the american people just think oh well, if this don't work we'll just change horses next time.
there may not be another time.
another point i don't see eye/eye with ff on is this is not the same nation that reagan was president of. reagan carried both CA & NY. i doubt he could today.
however, ff is correct about one thing, i too believe it is in g-d's hands.
i would also add that no one is saying the things that ff is saying in these columns. and in the next election, somebody has got to do that, to draw a distinction between themselves and hussein, as opposed to endorsing hussein at one of their campaign rallies.
that is why i continue to haunt these halls.
and if sarah has a brain cell, she would be reading joshuapundit.

B.Poster said...

"In the end it will go how G-d intends, and I'm keeping the faith."

I'm trying to keep the faith too but it is exceedingly difficult. When America was founded, many of its guiding principles were based upon the Judeo-Christian concepts that are found in both Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures. As a result of this, God blessed America tremendously. Today, as a nation, we have largely abandoned these principles. As such, it is hard to imagine God continuing to bless a people who have largely turned their backs on him.

Now it could be that God will allow us to go through a time of testing that will serve to draw us, as a nation, back to Him and back to the Judeo-Christian concepts that played such an instrumental role in the founding of our great nation. I certainly hope this is God's plan. What does seem clear is business as usual cannot be continued.

Mr. Obama represents business as usual to the extreme. As such, while we certainly want him to succeed, after all his failure is our failure, it is hard to fathom a scenario where his policies can lead to success. He does not represent "change." He represents business as usual.

To use an analogy, say you observe your ship is headed for icebergs or is about to run aground. The electorate figured out that the ship USS America, which is our country, was about to hit some massive icebergs. As such, they voted for "change." All we gotten is more of the same. Instead of changing course this Administration has continued in the same direction while increasing the speed of the ship!!

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Snake Oil,
No society voluntarily commits suicide. That's why I ultimately think things will work out for the better in this semi-bloodless civil war we're involved in here in America.

Hi Louie,

Thanks for the kind words.This piece is your fault, anyway!

No, I don't think the next GOP nominee is going to be endorsing Obama during the campaign - I still can't believe McCain did that! They will have to be willing to attack Obama simply by telling Americans to take a look around them.

I also predict that by 2010 and certainly by 2012,events will have occurred that will make Obama's failure obvious except to the True Believers.

If you study history, you will see that power abhors a vacuum. So while I can't say that leadership will come forth, the chances are quite good.

As for Governor Palin, I don't know if she reads this site but I can tell you from personal experience that she struck me as extremely sharp...and with a great deal of common sense as opposed to what gets taught at places like Harvard.

To see someone like Chris Matthews or Katie Couric yak about her as a mindless redneck bimbo (as compared to themselves!) is truly surreal.

All Good Things,