Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Disgraceful - UK Takes Sides With Hamas Against Israel In Gaza War

 Binyamin Netanyahu and UK counterpart David Cameron

A number of British Jews continue to wonder at the rise in Jew hatred in the UK. I can't imagine why. After all, there's a great deal of truth in that old saying that a fish rots from the head.

Israel buys a few components to defend itself from the likes of Hamas from the UK..a few parts used in the Hermes drones, a few parts used in radar systems and pilot ejector seats on Israel's planes. . There are about 12 arms export licenses involved, something like $70 million (£42 million) in exports involved since 2010, so it's small..


Today, British Business Secretary Vince Cable announced that Great Britain will void all 12 export licenses if hostilities with Hamas resume, whether Hamas is the aggressor or not.Essentially, the UK has picked sides in the war and is protecting Hamas, which the European Union (EU)of which the UK is a member includes on its list of terrorist groups.

  And it's not just the Conservatives. UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats, the Conservative Party's coalition partners made a statement  last Tuesday supporting the suspension of all arms exports to Israel.

David Cameron traveled to Israel last March in the midst of Hamas bombarding Israel to try to strengthen commercial ties with Israel in an attempt to revitalize Britain's economy, particularly in the high tech sector and was accompanied by a number of business men. While he was there he said this:

“Let me absolutely clear about these attacks from Gaza, we condemn them completely,” Cameron said. “They are a reminder once again of the importance of maintaining and securing Israel’s future and the security threats you face, and you have Britain’s support in facing those security threats.”

He also said that “these attacks are completely indiscriminate, aimed at civilian populations and that is a demonstration of how barbaric they are.

We now see what that 'support' is worth - like Cameron's word, absolutely nothing. And British Jews with eyes to see also now know exactly why the Jew hatred and Israel bashing in Britain is so endemic.

The UK supports the genocidal Hamas. It's that simple.And this pathetic attempt at blackmail of Israel  proves it

The components Britain is attempting to blackmail Israel with are easily obtainable elsewhere. But Britain's honor? Gone beyond redemption.

Drool, Britannia.



jlevyellow said...

Rat poison is designed to be tasty, so the creature dies in agony after being tempted by the bait. Does this description of rat poison not describe the stupid behavior of the British in inviting enemies into their midst who will in the end eat the guts of the British people. Britain too will die in agony!

B.Poster said...

While I'm not a supporter of the policies of Britain, I would not be so harsh on them. Our country is not much better and is in fact worse in some areas. If Britain's honor is, in fact, gone beyond redemption as you say, then the same would need to apply to America as well. I'd sure hope our nation is not gone beyond redemption.