Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hamas Finally Admits They Kidnapped The Three Israeli Teens

Remember how Hamas claimed they had nothing to do with kidnapping and murdering Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar (HY"D), three Israeli teens who were murdered in cold blood and whose bodies were shoved into a hole in Hebron?

Well, today the Jerusalem Post is reporting that Salah al-Aruri, a senior Hamas official, praised the "heroic action of the Kassam Brigades who kidnapped three settlers in Hebron," at a conference of Islamic clerics in Turkey on Wednesday.

This action, “the kidnapping to Hebron of the three settlers,” was an “operation spoken of far and wide,” al-Arouri added.

This is the first public admission by Hamas of something Israel knew anyway after interrogating Hussam Qawasme, who led and masterminded the attack following approval by Hamas' military wing.Marwan Qawasme and Amer Abu Aysaha who were also part of the attack are still at large.

Al-Aruri heads Hamas' overseas organization. He's based in Turkey and was Qawasme's contact who passed on money and weaponry and gave the final approval for the operation.


Anonymous said...

In the meantime, FATAH is claiming that Israel invented the kidnappings as a pretext to attack Gaza.

Rob said...

Mah Nah Mim Terry?

Fatah is just a different branch of the same mafia. Did you see this?

And whom do you think has been ginning up all the terrorism in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria if not Abbas?

Both Gatah and Hamas lie like you or I change our socks, routinely.

BTW, Bibi needs to start treating hos fellow cabinet members a lot more respectfully, especially Liberman and Bennett. Are he and Ya'alon just angry because they were wrong and Lieberman and Bennett were right?


Anonymous said...

Kol beseder, Rob.
Of course it's all the same crap, there's no difference between Hamas & Fatah. As for the constant lying, that's just a major characteristic of Arab culture, unless you've lived among them, you can't comprehend the prevalence of incessant lying.
Netanyahu is a bit sensitive, the truth hurts & worse, the polls reflect dissatisfaction with the way he & Ya'alon have managed this war. ''Quiet for quiet'' & ''mowing the grass'' is a failed strategy.
Sbabbat shalom.