Monday, August 18, 2014

Wake-up call for Christians and Jews and Hindus and...!

 By Michael Haltman

The writing is clearly on the wall for anyone who is willing to open their eyes and see that it's global open season on Christians and Jews by members of the Religion of Peace!

And for those still unable or unwilling to recognize this enemy, as a prescient quote from history said so well, 'There is none so blind as he who will not see' - Matthew Henry

This idea that Americans are sticking their heads in the sand has been stated here many times before and no doubt will be said again as the daily stories from around the world will unfortunately continue to present themselves and fall on deaf ears.

The question is will Americans and Europeans, before it is too late, ever come to understand that the enemy we face in the global war on terror could be the most insidious that we ever have had to take on?

Because for those of us who do not think, live and believe in the way that radical Islamists believe that they must, their answer is punishment by death and for all semblance of that society to be eradicated from the face of the earth!

If this doesn't sound like the usual opponent in a war over some regional disagreement that's because it isn't. For our enemy it is a fight to the death!

And our leaders, those who would like to use diplomacy and negotiation as the tools of choice to change our enemies minds and ideology, it is a fools errand to put it nicely and a breach in their national security responsibility to put it in fact!

Barack Obama, by allowing ISIS to grow and thrive, in clearly breaching his duty as Commander-in-Chief. This of course will not come as any great surprise as he has been doing it since he took office.

Perhaps when our leaders return from their weeks long vacations they will take a look at this problem but my guess is that leading up to an election in November they will avoid it all together.

Our enemies on the other hand do not live by calendars, elections and do not take vacations.

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louielouie said...

i'm gonna have to go back and read this essay again.
about half way through, i got side tracked from the title, and i believe subject, of the essay.
the descriptions of the tactics and end result sound more like liberals talking about conservatives, than it does islamists talking about judeo/christians.

zaba said...

Our enemies on the other hand do not live by calendars, elections and do not take vacations.

It becomes urgent when one considers the enemy works 24/7.

Think about all that tunnel construction.......