Monday, August 18, 2014

Autopsy: Michael Brown Had Pot In His System, Facing Police Officer When He Was Shot


The initial reported of the finding of the first autopsy on Michael Brown have been released. Brown was shot in an altercation with a white police officer in the mostly black community of Ferguson, Missouri. His death sparked days of violent riots and looting. The original narrative was that Brown's death was the murder of an unarmed black teen who had already surrendered to police, a 'state execution' in the words of Al Sharpton, who was quick to come to Ferguson and fan the flames. 

Subsequent revelations show that the hulking 6' 4" 292 lb Ferguson had just completed the violent robbery of a convenience store. He then walked with a friend down the middle of a main street in Ferguson and was obstructing traffic when he got into a violent altercation with a policeman which including Brown's hitting the officer, shoving him back into the police SUV cab and attempting to wrestle his gun away.

This wasn't at all difficult, but my theory behind all this was that Michael Brown was high on drugs and/or alcohol since nothing else would account for this kind of behavior,and it turns out that I was right.

The results of the first autopsy, by Mary Case, the St. Louis County medical examiner have been released, and they're fairly illuminating.

First, Michael Brown had substantial amounts of marijuana in his system. He was definitely not in his right mind. The theft of a $50 box of cigars from the convenience store was also a tip off, since cigars, especially sweet ones are a prime ingredient in making 'blunts'. That's why they wanted them.

Second, it appears that ballistics confirms  reports that Brown, rather than 'surrendering' taunted Officer  Darren Wilson that he was never going to arrest him and then rushed full speed at the officer.

Brown  had between six and eight gunshot wounds and was shot from the front, In addition, several of the hits were in Brown's arms or to areas of his body, with only the final two being head shots. In addition, the non-lethal shots were the ones first fired, and when Brown was further away. The lethal head shots were fired later when Brown was only two or three feet away from Officer Wilson.

That probably explains, by the way, why so many shots were fired. Police officers are trained shooters. If Brown rushed the police officer, who was a six year veteran, Officer Wilson might very likely have been trying to bring Brown down without killing him. Because Brown was huge and because of what he had coursing through his system, the shots were likely ineffective and Wilson, who had already been injured went for the head shots as a last resort. There's also the possibility that one of the gunshot wounds was sustained after Brown pushed the policeman back into his SUV and tried to take his weapon from him.

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FresnoJoe said...

Praying For Peace

B.Poster said...

"Peace" may happen if the "militarized" police force that both "liberals" and "conservatives" are so up in arms about actually moves decisively to crush the rioters/looters. Unfortunately this isn't likely to happen. Instead this "militarized" force will likely be used to protect the looters/rioters against the efforts of property owners to defend their property against these people. At least this is what BHO and his team had in mind when they authorized this domestic force that is/was as well armed as the military!!

Whether it will work out this way has yet to be seen. The property owners and the citizens of Ferguson do not have the likes of Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, BHO, the media, or being the "base" of a major political party working for them, as the rioters/looters do, what they do have are ties to the local community and moral right working for them.

As I think Martin Luther King said to roughly paraphrase, "the moral arc of the universe tends to be long but it is toward justice." Justice is with the property owners who paid exorbitant taxes for this "militarized" police force who is doing virtually NOTHING to protect them.

Hopefully and prayerfully whatever is necessary to crush the rioters/looters will be brought to bear sooner rather than later. We are clearly being humiliated even further than we already have been in the foreign media. At times like this, I'm reminded of King David, the warrior king of ancient Israel. If only America had someone like this to lead it today!! Again, we can pray!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Brown would be alive today if he would have followed the officer's command to get on the ground. There are rules in our society to help us maintain us as humans and not animals. There are rules since the day were are born, but some don't abide by them making our lives a living hell. It's not about whites against blacks or any other race, it's about good versus evil and there is a lot of evil in this world. May Michael Brown's soul rest in peace.