Monday, August 11, 2014

Something Is Going On In Iraq - Coup Time?

I'm hearing all sorts of rumors tonight about a military coup going on in Baghdad. What has apparently sparked it was an angry tirade by Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki over Iraqi President  Fuad Masum not intervening after parliament failed to give him a third term as Prime Minister.

Al-Maliki claimed that this was against what passes for Iraq's constitution and that he was going to 'take  Masum to court.'

He accused him of "committing a clear constitutional violation for the sake of political calculations and... giving priority to the interests of some groups at the expense of the higher interests of the Iraqi people".

Apparently the Obama team had decided that Masum,Iraq'a new president  looked like a better bet than Maliki to put together that 'inclusive' government the Obama team  is seeking and was pushing for him to take over. But it looks like al-Maliki may have decided to take out the competition. Masum, by the way, is a Kurd.

Maliki's party won the most seats in a questionable election back in  April,but parliament is refusing to ratify a third term for al-Maliki. There are rumors of Shia militia and security forces loyal to al-Maliki stationing themselves at key points in Baghdad.The major bridges have been closed.


I've gotten a couple of tweets about clashes, but so far nothing concrete, On thing I have heard  is that Iraqi security forces have encircled the president's residence.

Stay Tuned!!

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