Thursday, August 28, 2014

Genocide Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder!

By Michael Haltman

It's mainstream media coverage that slants the news in all of the wrong directions!

Note: The numbers in the poster by now no doubt need to be ratcheted higher.

As we have seen it's not until an issue or humanitarian crisis in some way makes it unavoidable for news outlets to report it, that the average TV watching idiot learns anything about it.

For example if the story of Iraq's Yazidis trapped on a mountain had never reached the mainstream media, Barack Obama never would have learned about it and for him, ISIS would still be a JV team.

True to form, however, now that he knows they are anything but a JV team our Commander-in-Chief is still doing nothing to stop them!

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B.Poster said...

Actually most Americans, for better or worse, do not think much about Yazidis are much of anyone else in the region for that matter. Most Americans are to busy just trying to do things like survive which includes things like trying to maintain housing for themselves and their families, feed their families, clothe their families, secure adequate health care for their families, and pray there's money in each money to cover all of this.

For whatever reason the mainstream media decided to cover the Yazidis, I do not know. POTUS and his team did cynically exploit this situation for political gain. While the airstrikes likely did provide some temporary relief for these people, for this to have any long term value, it would need to be followed up with more decisive and concrete actions. Since we lack the ability or the will necessary to do so, we've only made things worse!! Those military resources and the money spent to support this operation would have had much better use actually doing something to help beleaguered Americans.

There's basically two options at this point. 1.)Assist Iran and Syria in defeating ISIS. This would mean essentially helping Iran maintain control of their Iraqi province. Iran with their Russian and Chinese allies can ultimately defeat ISIS without us should the Russians choose to do so. On the other hand, we CANNOT defeat ISIS without their assistance. 2.)Assist ISIS in fighting Iran and their allies. Ultimately ISIS will loose when the Russians and the Chinese, especially the Russians decide enough is enough and end the threat. (Right now Russia likes the chaos this creates as it helps keep the price of oil high.) Using the option 2 ISIS could be weakened significantly making them less of a threat.

These are really the only two options available should we wish to maintain involvement in Iraq. As stated elsewhere, bad decision making in the past has left us without any good options now.

A third option would seem to be the better approach. Redeploy all military assets to positions that make more sense for our national security interests, develop all of our own oil and gas reserves, and streamline regulations adversely affecting our manufacturing interests.

Meanwhile our Shi'ite and Sunni enemies tear each other apart and while Russian and Chinese enemies will likely their help their allies, they are unlikely to emerge unscathed. Since we will have taken the necessary steps to improve our industry, our oil supplies, and improve our economy we could very well emerge from this as the most powerful country in the world!!

as we redeploy our military assets, I'd like to see us work something where we could grant asylum in America to the adversely affected Christian populations in the Middle East. Sadly our government both Democrats and Republicans have spent decades trying to destroy our Christian heritage. As such, I don't envision them being overly eager to invite Christian populations into our country, however, the cool thing about our system is we can change the government very quickly!! G_d willing something like will become feasible before it is to late.