Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Strike, Zion! Israel Recalls Reservists, Prepares For Ground Operation

Hamas may just have violated its last ceasefire.

Israel has recalled 2,000 reservists and is in the process of recalling others for use in a ground operation. Airstrikes have already paved the way and  the Israeli positions inside the security buffer are in an excellent position to take the fight to Hamas.

DF OC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Sami Torkeman met with southern Israel mayors and community leaders Tuesday night and warned them to prepare for a major escalation in the conflict with Hamas, with residents advised to take extra precautions, and stay close to bomb shelters and fortified rooms.

The political background on this is interesting as well. Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moishe  Ya’alon had been pretty much operating the war and the diplomacy track in a vacuum, refusing to share anything or convene with the rest of Israel's security cabinet,which angered them immensely. Netanyahu and Ya’alon were convinced that Hamas was tired of fighting and ready for a long term truce and some of my sources say that Netanyahu and Ya’alon were even ready to sign off on a ridiculous agreement (courtesy of US Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama) that would have met some of Hamas's demands and given them a win. The idea of course was 'quiet for quiet.'

The missile barrage by Hamas took Netanyahu by surprise and opened him up to what was essentially a mini revolt both from members of his cabinet and from the Israeli public, who after a month of tough fighting were furious that the Army remained handcuffed and the Israelis still need to run for shelters and sealed rooms.

Netanyahu's popularity has been sinking like a stone with each ceasefire because of his reluctance to deal decisively with Hamas. And the other members of his cabinet gave him a barrage of their own

Many government ministers demanded Israel delivered a fatal blow to Hamas in Gaza, and abandon ceasefire talks altogether.

"The government policy of 'calm will be met with calm' is fundamentally wrong. We need to talk and negotiate with Hamas only when it has surrendered. We now must seek a quick and decisive end to Hamas," Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in a meeting with Yisrael Beiteinu MKs.

Cabinet member, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, said following the resumption of rocket fire that "when you want to defeat a terror organization, you reach a decisive victory. When we hold peace talks with a terrorist organization we get more terror. Hamas thinks that rocket fire helps them reach their goals in talks and so they fire even during a ceasefire. Rockets are not an accident as far as we're concerned, it's systematic."

Bennett went on to say that "Only a severe response, like any sovereign nation responds to rocket fire on its territory, will be able to stop the deterioration (of the situation). Sooner or later, Israel will need to subdue Hamas, there's no way to avoid it."

"The negotiations with Hamas do not serve Israel's security interests, and there's no point in continuing them," Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar said.

Housing Minister Uri Ariel said that "we must strike the Hamas enemy until we achieve victory. I support the prime minister and security forces in giving a decisive and painful response to the terrorists, and in restoring the security to the citizens of Israel. It can't be that we'll be responsible for halting fire while they're responsible for firing." 

Even some of the Left of center members of Israel's security cabinet weighed. Yesh Atid's Yair Lapid went on Facebook saying that Israel must not end Operation Protective Edge before ensuring the disarmament of the terror infrastructure in the Strip, and before the transfer of international funds to Gaza is monitored and supervised. Although he favors 'an international conference' to do it, which isn't going to happen.

And the usually flexible Tzipi Livni weighed in as well, saying, "You can't negotiate with terrorists until you have beaten them."

So in a way, Hamas has actually rescued Netanyahu and given him a chance to stiffen his spine again and do what has to be done.

Israel cannot allow control of the Gaza Strip by a hostile entity. Ever since they pulled out ( with a plethora of international security guarantees, I might add)  they have been attacked from Gaza. at the enemy's whim No nation can put up with this.

I would give UNRWA 24 hours to get the civilian population out of the way, either in the open areas of Gaza or in the camps they run in the Arab occupied part of Judea and Samaria, with the IDF supervising to make sure none of those brave Hamas fighters were sneaking away dressed as woman.

Then destroy Hamas utterly, no holds barred, annex Gaza and repopulate it with Jews. And watch it become another Singapore.

Among other things, it would be a useful example to Hezbollah and Fatah about what could happen if they ever dare attack Israel.

Enough. Finish it.


Anonymous said...

You might be a bit over optimistic.
You have a misspelling - it's Maj.Gen. Sami Turgeman if you want to correct it.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Finish it.

B.Poser said...

Yes, please finish this once and for all. It seems highly likely that Israel should be able to finish off Hamas should they choose to do so. I would implore them to so not just for them which is plenty reason enough but Hamas is also an enemy of America and poses an enormous threat to our country.

If Israel can and does eliminate this threat, it would be hugely beneficial to us as well as Israel. If for some reason Israel can't or won't eliminate this threat, then we are going to have make adjustments accordingly to our national defense.

Essentially our next move with regards to properly planning for the threat to our national security posed by Hamas and other Palestinians is going to be contingent on what Israel does or does not do. The uncertainty of the situation no doubt makes it difficult for American military planners to plan properly. We need closure on this issue once and for all both of the sake of the security of our people as well as for the security of our ally Israel.

Obviously optimally we should help Israel in any way we possibly can with this, however there two basic problems with us helping. 1.)The US military is worn down and suffers from equipment and manpower problems coupled with a massive budget deficit that makes it difficult to address any of this. For all practical purposes we'd just be in the way. Far better for us to get out of the way of Israel right now. 2.)Given the incompetence and downright wickedness of much of America's leadership, it would seem unwise for anyone much less Israel to rely on them or to enlist their help with anything. Perhaps someday we will have competent leadership not right now though.