Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Black And White - The Latest On The Michael Brown Shooting

Some new information has surfaced on the Michael Brown shooting by a police officer that has led to several days of looting and rioting, and of course, the descent of Al Sharpton and the rest of the OBGI (Official Black Grievance Industry).

The pictures above are screen caps from a CCTV video located in a convenience store that appears to be the Ferguson Market & Liquor store on West Florissant Avenue. According to Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown's friend who was accompanying him, the two stepped into the market, Brown picked up a box of Swisher Sweets cigars (valued at $48.99), refused to pay for them and when the lone employee of the store tried to stop him from leaving, Brown physically assaulted him.

As you can see, Brown, at 6' 4" and 292 pounds towers over the much smaller clerk, who appears to be Asian. The video reportedly shows Brown grabbing the store employee by his shirt, throwing him into a display case and turning to glare and intimidate the clerk before stomping off with his friend.Johnson has admitted that Brown took the cigars.

The store employee called in the robbery and police were dispatched.

This, by the way is not mere shoplifting. It is classified as theft and assault, a strong arm robbery and a felony bust. It is also worth reflecting that this kind of behavior doesn't come out of a vacuum, but is typical of a certain mentality, someone who has done this sort of thing before, someone used to using his size and bulk to intimidate others and get what he wants.

This is a very different person than Al Sharpton's characterization of Brown as a 'gentle giant'.

According to the police report and numerous eyewitnesses including Dorian Johnson, Brown and Johnson were walking down the middle of the street obstructing traffic which is why they were stopped by Officer Darren Wilson. An altercation occurred and apparently Brown pushed Officer Wilson back into his squad car, where the two had a struggle for the policeman's weapon, and a shot was fired inside the police car.. The altercation apparently involved Brown striking Wilson,because according to the police Wilson sustained facial injuries.

Let's stop the narrative here for a moment. Here we have a very large and aggressive young man who has committed a strong arm robbery, slapped the clerk around and shoved him into a display case,is walking down the middle of a moderately crowded street and disrupting traffic rather than on the sidewalk, and then engages in cop fighting.

If this is accurate, (and it seems to be so far)That kind of behavior suggests something to me...a person who was impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. These are not the kind of actions taken by someone in full control of himself.

A toxicology report is being done on Michael Brown, and we'll know the results in a few weeks..maybe. A similar report was done on Trayvon Martin in the famous Florida case. It was never overly publicized, but it showed significant amounts of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana in his blood and urine. Pot, especially when combined with other substances can definitely make a person overly aggressive and confident and affect judgment. The autopsy report also revealed moderate beginning signs of brain damage and mild liver damage associated with prolonged use of DXM. DXM, known as 'lean' among other street names is a very potent mixture of cough syrup, juice or soda, and candy (Watermelon Juice, Skittles, and Robitussin for example).

We'll find out if Michael Brown was similarly impaired, but here's a another clue as to what might have happened. Here's a video taken minutes after Brown was shot that was designed to be supportive of the narrative that Brown was shot for no reason...but if you look at the witness conversation that appears to be inadvertently recorded at about 6:28 - 6:29 of the video, the witness states that Brown turned around and charged the officer rather than putting his hands up in surrender(warning, NSFW language).

And if you look at the direction Michael Brown's body is laying pointing towards the police SUV rather than away from it, it makes sense. Here's a transcript

@6:28/6:29 of video
#1 How’d he get from there to there?
#2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck
#2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him
#2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus - the police had his gun drawn already on him –
#1. Oh, the police got his gun
#2 The police kept dumpin on him, and I’m thinking the police kept missing – he like – be like – but he kept coming toward him
#2 Police fired shots – the next thing I know – the police was missing
#1 The Police?
#2 The Police shot him
#1 Police?
#2 The next thing I know … I’m thinking … the dude started running … (garbled something about “he took it from him”)

There's another snippet of background conversation from a witness starting around 8:41 or so that also says "he ran back towards him".

Finally, look again at Brown's behavior in the convenience store. He does something similar there turning back towards the clerk and advancing towards him to intimidate him. Will any witnesses 'from the community' whom saw what happened testify that Brown charged the officer if that's what happened? I'm not at all sure of that, but ballistics and forensic evidence may tell us the truth.

Meanwhile in Ferguson the rioting and looting continues. And so does the agitating, courtesy of Al Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party.Governor Jay Nixon (D) attempted to calm things down by essentially ordering the County police and the Ferguson police to stand down and putting the highway patrol in charge of security, with Capt. Ronald Johnson, a black man who lives in the neighborhood in command. He also called for a midnight to 5 AM curfew.

The reaction to the curfew was, essentially, this:

Captain Johnson, who made a point of mingling with the crowd and dissing the local cops has apparently changed his tune, calling the police response “proper” and saying he was “disappointed” in the actions of the 'demonstrators'.

As always with these things, it's always the people with a stake in the community - a job, a business, a home - who do the least rioting and who suffer them most:

Natasha Cornell, 42, who lives two blocks from the scene, said she is furious.

“Half of these protestors are not even from this area,” she said. “We don’t have too many stores to go to anymore because they burned it all up. My 20-year-old son ran all the way home from work. He was terrified. It’s not a race issue at this point, people just want to vent and loot.”


Two things I wan to mention in passing. A lot of people on the Left of the spectrum, especially certain black commentators have mentioned a lot about the 'militarization of the police' and how awful it is. Not one of them have dared to mention that it was President Obama that was responsible for this. It was President Obama who called for a 'domestic security force., just as well trained, just as well funded, just well armed as our military. Remember that?

And it is the Obama Administration that has sold these local police departments military gear, MRAPs and combat arms by the boatload, as well as establishing SWAT combat teams for over 70 federal agencies. This is what the people on the Left who are squawking about 'militarized police' voted for twice. It's too much to expect I know, but it would be nice if they admitted what a horrific mistake they made.

The second thing is President Obama and the Justice Department's involvement from day one. The president has weighed in several times on this, saying what a tragedy Michael Brown's death was, the Justice Department started out by monitoring the investigation by local and state law enforcement and are now conducting their own investigation, trolling for a civil rights violation. Attorney General Holder has even asked for the feds to conduct their own independent autopsy, the third one.

Now, just the day before Michael Brown was killed, Rabbi Yosef Raksin(HY"D) of Crown Heights was murdered Shabbat morning (13th of Av) on his way to the Beis Menachem Chabad Shul of North Miami Beach for services. This was in an area that has had Jewish synagogues and property vandalized in a racist manner, the description from witnesses identified the killers as two black males, and Rabbi Raksin was dressed in a manner that obviously identified him as a Jew. Yet the local authorities are refusing to call this a hate crime, even though the Rabbi was obviously targeted because he was a Jew.

The president has not deemed this worthy of comment, let alone our attorney general and the media has not mentioned it at all.

I wonder...would this change if Jews began rioting,burning and looting, and if loud mouth agitators like Al Sharpton were leading Jews in chants of 'no justice,no peace'? Would Rabbi Raksin's murder become newsworthy?

Or is race a factor? It seems like it, when a white police officer being accused with very little evidence of murdering a black man on the one hand merits presidential comment, federal attention,FBI investigation and massive media coverage while a murdered Jew apparently killed by two black males is simply no big deal.

Welcome to the new America. It seems that while there's lip service being paid to all animals being supposedly equal, some animals are obviously more equal than others.


Jake said...

THC, the active ingredient in marijuana in his blood and urine. Pot, especially when combined with other substances can definitely make a person overly aggressive and confident and affect judgment.

Pot does a lot of things, but the last thing it does it make you aggressive.

Left out of your 'analysis' is that THC stays in your system for a month. Forget the fact that the robbery is irrelevant, THC in your system is more than irrelevant.

Also, the cop had THC in his system. Notice that you leave that out (like you leave out all inconvenient facts...)

B.Poster said...

There are really three separate issues that need to be viewed separately. 1.)The shooting death of the young man at the hands of the police, 2.)the rioting and looting that occurred in the aftermath and seems to still be occurring, and 3.)the "militarization" of the police force.

With regards to point 1 an honest and fair investigation needs to be conducted as to the facts and circumstances of this situation. I have no delusion that this going to happen. The investigation will be conducted as a witch hunt against the officers involved designed solely to exonerate Mr. Brown and paint the officers involved in the worst light possible. The officer's career is over and his life is ruined. It matters not whether he is innocent or not.

With regards to point 2 the looters and rioters have targeted businesses that had nothing to do with this situation and are unrelated to what happened to Mr. Brown. The people involved in this action are beneath contempt. I'd love to see this "militarized" police force used to protect the property and the rights of the people being victimized by the looters. I have no delusions this is going to happen either. It has been reported that property owners are having to resort to using their own weapons and their own patrols to protect their property from the looters as the police either are not responding or they are slow to respond. These "militarized" police forces are more likely to be used to take out store owners trying to protect their property and the businesses they've worked hard for than to take out looters. After all we can't have the civil rights of the looters violated now can we? I have heard that governor of MO is calling up the national guard. This may be a good sign. The national guard along with the militarized police force should be used to crush the looters/rioters once and for all by ANY and ALL means necessary. Unfortunately I'm under no delusion that this is going to happen. The national guard and the militarized police force are most likely to be used to protect the rioters/looters and go after property owners who should think of getting overly "aggressive" in defending their property. After all we can't have "vigilantes" now can we? As a business owner myself, I can hardly imagine the heartbreak of some of these people who have had their businesses and their livelyhoods destroyed by these thugs and on top of this the police force their taxes paid good money to fund are not moving to protect their property or their rights. Truly a heart rending and gut wrenching situation indeed.

With regards to point 3 in order to handle well armed and organized looters like this a militarized police force is probably necessary. Unfortunately these forces don't seem to be being used properly as I really never thought they would be which is why I'm generally opposed to it and have been from the start.

Additionally, at this point, it really is not if but when the US will be invaded by foreign powers. A well armed and trained police force could serve as a bulwhark against this invasion and would be a tremendous help to our worn down, stretched to thin, and beleaguered military. I have little doubt the government is thinking this way but am getting off topic. Unfortunately its hard to have any confidence in this nation's leadership to implement ANY of this effectively. Given the current political environment these military grade weaponary is most likely to be used against law abiding citizens trying to defend their property than against looters such as those in Ferguson.

Jake said...

THC, the active ingredient in marijuana in his blood and urine. Pot, especially when combined with other substances can definitely make a person overly aggressive and confident and affect judgment.

Pot does a lot of things, but the last thing it does it make you aggressive.

Left out of your 'analysis' is that THC stays in your system for a month. Forget the fact that the robbery is irrelevant, THC in your system is more than irrelevant.

Rob said...

Marijuana can definitely make a person overly aggressive, confident and affect their judgment.

I realize that you're just umm..exaggerating to make a point,but unless you've had enough to be basically borderline comatose, it's simply not true that smoking marijuana can't make you aggressive on occasion.

Given Brown's size, I'm guessing he had just enough to make him crazy. An it may have been combined with something.BTW, those cigars? Do you know what a blunt is? That's whay they wanted them.

I realize you wouldn't have a clue about this, but coroners and medical examiners know where to look to determine recent drug and alcohol use as opposed to residual remnants. Brown was high when he was shot, and there's no other real rational way to explain his behavior.Unless of course y7ou think a police veteran with 6 years of experience and an exemplary record suddenly decided to shoot him a black man, just because.

The robbery and the way it was conducted isn't relevant to you, because you're salivating for the Great White Defendant and want the white police officer lynched, regardless. But it shows a pattern of violence and reckless disregard for law that seems to be characteristic of the so-called 'Gentle Giant'.

And that IS relevant..just like the fact that Brown was impaired is. And also, from the autopsy, we now know that witness statements that Brown rushed the officer rather than 'surrendering' and being shot also seem to be accurate as well, based on ballistics.

I know, I were really hoping that this time, you'd have your helpless black victim and your brutal white policeman to gin up race hatred over.

Maybe next time!