Monday, August 11, 2014

More UN Stupidity On Gaza!! Unbelievable!!

You can't make this stuff up.

James Rawley, the top UN humanitarian official for the Palestinian territories was bloviating to France's AFP today on the Gaza situation.

His solution? Cater to all of Hamas's demands and lift the Egyptian-Israeli blockage on Hamas.

“The blockade must be lifted not only to get material into Gaza in order to rebuild it but to allow Gaza to do what it was doing very well just 10 years ago, to trade with the outside world,” Rawley told AFP.

“Gaza has a tremendous potential. People are very entrepreneurial, they’re well educated, they have markets abroad, in Israel and the West Bank. The blockade has to be lifted in order that Gaza can thrive.”

Note the part I emphasized. Ten years ago, the trade with the outside world indeed existed...but it was carried on by Israeli Jews in places like Gush Katif!!

The Israelis constructed thriving communities and state-of-the-art irrigated green houses that sent fruit, vegetables and flowers to Europe in a trade that amounted to millions of Euros annually. Here's what the green houses looked like back then:

The Israeli disengagement took place in August of 2005. The greenhouses were turned over intact to the Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians. Within hours, every one of them had been looted and destroyed, the pumps and irrigation lines ripped out by the roots.. Here's what these same greenhouses looked  like within hours after the Jews left:

Needless to say, the Palestinian Authority, which received millions to rebuild Gaza diverted that money elsewhere, and Hamas  used the money it received for 'construction and development' to build tunnels for terrorist attacks and to buy missiles to kill Jews with.

Gaza does have tremendous potential, but not with its current rulers and inhabitants.  They already have had years to do that, but killing Jews was a much more important mission..and besides, the UN and those gullible western donors kept kicking in money for basic food, medicine and education,enabling Hamas and Islamic Jihad to spend their money on building tunnels and buying armaments

And this idiot thinks that if the blockade's lifted, these people are going to create another Singapore?
If the blockade's lifted, Hamas will just use those 'rebuilding materials' to repair the tunnels and to build luxury villas for the Hamas leaders...and the lack of a blockade to import more missiles from Iran.That's exactly how the 'building materials' Israel let in last time were used. And has Mr. Rawley conveniently forgotten why the blockade was originally instituted? It was imposed in 2006 after Hamas invaded Israeli territory and kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

But wait, there's more:

Rawley said Israel’s legitimate security concerns must be addressed but warned without ending the blockade that another round of fighting was “likely”.

“Not only will we see very little in the way of reconstruction, but I am afraid that the conditions are in place for us to have another round of violence like we’re seeing now,” he tells AFP in Gaza City.

“It (another conflict) would be likely… it doesn’t make me feel good to say that,” he says.

This tool again forgets some history. When Israel pulled out of Gaza, the U.S. the EU and the UN signed formal guarantees about Israeli security, none of which amounted to anything. As a matter of fact, when Hamas took over, the  EU guards stationed at the various crossings, dropped their weapons and ran like rabbits for the Israeli border.

Rawley, in true UN style also forgets that in every case of hostilities, it has been Hamas who has been the aggressor, not Israel. And it has been the 'international community' that has saved Hamas to fight another day each time.

It's also worth noting that this latest buildup of Hamas' military capabilities occurred while UNRWA was supposedly supervising what was going on with all the building materials Hamas was getting. Bags of cement with the UNRWA label have been found inside the Hamas tunnels, not to mention UNRWA being implicated in hiding weapons for Hamas in supposedly neutral UN buildings. With a track record like that, why would Israel trust assurances from the likes of the UN  that its 'legitimate security concerns' would be addressed?

UNRWA bags of building material used in Gaza tunnels Photo: IDF

If Rawley and the 'international community' want to avoid another round of conflict in Gaza, the solution's simple...disarm Hamas, since they can't be trusted to end hostilities permanently and run Gaza yourselves. Or even better, let Israel run it  and repopulate it with Jews, Then it might be something besides a beaten down terrorist squat.

Of course, if that happened, people like James Rawley would have to find an honest line of work that doesn't involve perpetuating  Palestinian 'refugee' status for four generations.

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