Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Proof That Hamas And Abbas's Fatah Are On The Same Page - Exterminate Israel!


While there are still some who call Mahmoud Abbas a moderate and think of him as Israel's 'peace partner' they're deluding themselves. Abbas and Hamas leader Khalid Mesha'al are on the same page. Here's one more proof, if it was needed.After all, the two are now part of the same Hamas/Fatah entity!

 Palestinian Envoy: Israel's Annihilation Just Started

Iranian official news agency Fars is reporting on the remarks of Palestinian Authority Envoy to Iran Salah al-Zawawi, who told reporters today that “Israel’s annihilation has begun and the new generation in Iran will certainly witness our victory over Israel.

”The U.S. and the Western countries have created a fake regime in Palestine to get rid of it and have supplied it with the most advanced weapons and are seeking to create an Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates,” Zawawi said.

Remember, this is one of Abbas's hand picked diplomats, not some loose cannon representing himself.

Yesterday, Hamas Envoy to Tehran Khaled Al-Qadoumi told a conference on Gaza that, “The only mechanism for liberating Palestine is resistance and we have no option other than supporting the resistance,” according to Fars, which also cited him as saying “that Hamas will not talk to those who are willing to make compromise and have negotiations with Israel.”

He reiterated that Hamas will not talk to those who are willing to make compromise and have negotiations with Israel. By that, I assume he means actual peace negotiations rather than self-serving horse manure designed to get concessions so Hamas can rebuild for the next round of fighting.

Al-Qadoumi also made reference to the help the Iranians have been giving them with heavy weapons, saying, "We hope to be able to make our missiles more advanced with the help of the knowledgeable Iranians."

Iran has already supplied Hamas with Fajr-5 missiles and Ababil drones for use against Israel.


Two sides of the same coin. And not a dime's worth of difference. That ought to be something to think about for those who like the idea of giving Abbas and Fatah control of entry into Gaza. That would simply be a green light to Iran toi start the missile shipments.


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which cease fire are we on now?
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