Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hamas Violates The Ceasefire - Again

Hamas has begun shooting rockets again at Israel, violating the ceasefire that was supposed to continue until 8 AM tomorrow local time.

Rockets fired from Gaza hit the Eshkol region of Israel at 4:00 AM local time, about an hour ago.

Israel indicated on Wednesday it was prepared to extend the ceasefire, something  Egyptian mediators were pushing for  but Hamas was rejected it, saying they would "resume fighting immediately at the end of the 72-hour ceasefire, at 8:00 am Friday."

Of course the scum didn't actually wait that long to start hostilities. To date, they have violated every ceasefire.

 Hamas military wing spokesman, Abu Ubeida

The Israelis with the help of the Egyptians had pulled off a major diplomatic tour de force that provoked a split between Hamas and Fatah, shut down Hamas's demands and even stymied the terrorist group's 'lawyers', the Obama Administration.

Abu Ubeida, the spokesperson of Hamas's military wing pictured above demanded that Fatah and the Palestinian Authority reject the truce and join them in hostilities unless all of Hamas's demands were met, which included the release of all Hamas terrorists incarcerated by Israel, construction of a seaport and lifting the Egyptian/Israeli blockade so they can import weapons.None of that is going to happen.

"We urge the Palestinian delegation negotiating not to renew the truce except after the acceptance in principle, particularly to the port (opening), and if there is no acceptance then we ask the delegation to withdraw from talks." Abu Ubeida made the statement aired on the Qatari-owned Al Jazeera news network.

Abu Ubeida also said that Hamas would destroy the IDF if it tried to reenter Gaza and said Hamas would target Israel's air and sea ports in a bid to hit Israel economically, as if they haven't tried their best to do so already.

It's on...stay tuned. And watch the north and Hezbollah.

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