Thursday, August 14, 2014

Obama's De facto Amnesty Is Going to Bankrupt State Governments

One thing very few people are mentioning in the debate over President Obama's de facto amnesty is the effect it's going to have on the states and their budgets, where the 'unaccompanied children' are being dumped, almost always without the state's consent any many times even without their knowledge.

Today, President Obama's Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan sent out a nationwide fact sheet reminding the various school districts of what was referred to as their 'statutory responsibility' to educate these children, regardless of whether they're here legally or not.

As the fact sheet said, all children in the United States “are entitled to equal access to a public elementary and secondary education, regardless of their or their parents’ actual or perceived national origin, citizenship, or immigration status.”

This follows a letter sent May 8th by the Department of Education and he civil rights division of the Department of Justice warning districts to avoid any practices that could be perceived to “chill or discourage” children from signing up for school due to their immigration status.

“These practices contravene Federal law,” the letter stated.

It also pointed out that requiring children provide Social Security numbers or race and ethnicity data when enrolling must be voluntary, and that the age of the children could be proven using foreign records. Not only that, but the schools must be satisfied with the often superficial health checks the children are getting.

But aside from that, the financial burden of just the schooling of these children is going to cause huge deficits in state budgets and involve major cost cutting for the school districts that will directly effect the quality of education for the children already legally enrolled.

For instance, California has taken in to date 3,909 illegal migrant children so far whom were sent there by the Feds. Right now, California spends about $10,500 per pupil in K-12. And that was after huge cuts that have the teacher's unions screaming. In order to accommodate this new influx, the state is going to have to come up with a whopping $41 million plus from somewhere. That will involve a choice of raising taxes again in what is already one the highest taxed states in the country or making even more cuts in the educational services provided. Social services to illegal migrants already cost the state well over $20 billion per year without figuring this new amount in.Texas already spends $12.1 billion per year on illegal aliens.

In New Jersey, where approximately 1,500 or so illegal migrants were dropped by the feds, the Garden State, which has severe budget problems and sky high taxes already will be forced to come up with over $24 million somehow in either new taxes or budget cuts elsewhere.

Another consideration is what this is going to do to the actual quality of education. Few of these children aren't even literate in Spanish, let alone English. And the kids who are citizens or legal migrants, who are literate, whose parents are paying for all this? Well, they'll just have to wait for the others to catch up. And if their education suffers, that's unfortunate but you know,

There was a story on Drudge last week from the AP celebrating the fact that white children are now a minority in the public schools. Actually a little research shows that the numbers cut across ethnic lines and have a lot more to do with economics than race. It's not just whites but  Asians, Latinos, and anyone else who can manage to  afford it are taking their children out of dysfunctional public schools and going to private schools or doing homeschooling,  simply to try and give their kids a shot at a decent education.

This is almost definitely going to be an ongoing situation since President Obama obviously intends that most if not all of the current deluge of illegal migrants as well as those whom come after them and most of those already here  are going to stay. The word in DC is that the president plans to announce amnesty  by executive order around the Labor Day weekend, the end of the summer. It's up to the American people whether they want to go along with that agenda.


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