Thursday, August 21, 2014

The # Day Of Rage Over Michael Brown Is A Huge Bust

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Maybe people are at the beach or on vacation...

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B.Poster said...

Perhaps it wasn't a bust at all. Perhaps this is exactly what they wanted. After all the narrative on this is America is a racist nation and unworthy of respect. At least this applies to a certain group of Americans.

The riots/looting had incredible organization having many aspects similar to a military invasion. By calling for a "day of rage" against legitimate grievances as the standard narrative on this would have us believe and having no one or very few people show up only reinforces the narrative that Americans are eeeeevil, racist, pigs. After all what decent people do not protest against an unarmed African American young man being gunned down in cold blood by a white police officer for no good reason at all. Please understand I do NOT think the narrative is correct. In actuality, the situation is likely considerably more complex.

While most Americans probably understand this, in many parts of the world people are not presented with more view points. (Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and much of Europe just to name a few examples. As such, the standard narrative on this probably has considerably more legs so to speak in much of the world than it does in America and we have been absolutely slaughtered in the world press on this thing.

Certain unscrupulous elements are very likely planning an invasion of the American mainland and are looking for the opportunity to do so. These elements may have even had a hand in organizing and directing the Ferguson riots/looting, as these acts were WAY to sophisticated and coordinated to have been random acts.

They may be using this as a trial run to see what works and does not work, To successfully carry out such an invasion will involve a psy ops campaign against the American people, the creation of instability and chaos in America and elsewhere in the world, swarming our borders with illegals, and recruiting various individuals and groups within the US to support their cause among other things. These have all been done quite successfully.

Additionally calling for a "day of rage" and instructing none of their conscripts to show up fits in quite well. After all the invaders will want support from their populaces and the world when they launch the invasion. The lack of interest on the part of Americans serves to reinforce the narrative on this that America is a racist pig nation deserving nothing but contempt.

Information spreading or propaganda as some would call it is a VERY important part of warfare. Our enemies are very good at this and we are very bad at this.

Also, US leadership has quite foolishly chosen to get us involved in Ukraine, "pivot" to Asia, failing to do anything meaningful to secure our borders, and getting us back in Iraq after we had valiantly achieved a face saving exit. They must be "loving life" so to speak.

The enemy is patient and cunning. Unfortunately our leaders are none of these and are in fact the exact opposite. G_d help us all. Israel both ancient and modern have come back from even greater challenges than we face, though few and far between that could possibly be greater than what we face, perhaps G_d will show us the same kind of grace an mercy and we may yet recover.

Hopefully I'm wrong in my analysis about the "day of rage" and no one or very few people showing up and about the nature of America's enemies. Hopefully I'm also underestimating the sheer incompetence, evilness, and stupidity of America's current leadership as well.