Friday, August 15, 2014

Al Gore Sues Al Jazeera For Fraud And Breach Of Contract

Yes, Al Gore is suing Al-Jezeera for $65 million and legal costs for fraud and breach of contract.

He and his partner Joel Hyatt are claiming that Jihad-TV is refusing to pay up in full for the sale of Gore and Hyatt's comatose Current TV network to Qatar-owned al Jazeera for $500 million back in January 2013.

The deal was based on the Qatari Royal family's desire to get on American airwaves by assuming Current's distribution deals with cable and satellite TV providers. Unfortunately for al-Jazeera, few Americans are all that interested in watching Jihad-TV's version of jihadi propagandized news, so the ratings have been a dismal failure and advertising revenues are way down.

Gore and Hyatt's Their lawyer essentially believes that al-Jazeera are seeking to give themselves a discount, seeing how things have turned out.

This is the same person who told Jon Stewart how proud he was of selling to jihadi financing Qatar and how Jihad-TV was "..going to really be a positive addition to the U.S. media landscape."

Poor,poor Al Gore. What's the use of selling out to America's enemies if they don't even pay you for it?


louielouie said...

al the "entire north polar ice cap will be gone in five years" gore just can't seem to help hisself.
i'm just curious if these qataris can prove gore dumped this on them, they could make things a little sticky for the great bloviator.
no offense to anon. of course.
full disclosure.
i do have to admit i am torn between these two, as there really is no difference between them.

FresnoJoe said...

Poor Little Rich Boy

"Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep." Psalms 121:4

B.Poster said...

Al Jazeera v. Al Gore. In one corner we have Al Gore, bumbling fool evil individual. In the other corner we have Al Jazeera, smart and evil entity. Gee I wonder whose gonna win this one. I rather suspect the Qatari leadership enjoys watching Al make a total and complete fool of himself. I think the courts do as well. As for his attorneys, they enjoy taking the fool's money. as the saying goes, "a fool and his money soon part."

Of course Al Gore would have paid good money and even given his life to see America harmed. This was not good enough for the Qataris. They had to humiliate him in addition to all of this. In the case of Mr. Gore, he's not even bright enough to pick up on this. Others are though. This means there is still a ray of hope for our country!!