Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Never Trust A Weegie - Glasgow To Heart Hamas Tomorrow

 Glasgow City Chambers and War Memorial (CC BY-SA, Kim Traynor, via wikipedia)

The City of Glasgow, Scotland plans to show its support for Hamas by flying a Palestinian flag from city chambers tomorrow in 'solidarity.'

Glasgow's Lord Provost, Councilor Sadie Docherty wrote a treacly condolence letter to Mousa Baboun,the mayor of Bethlehem. " “Glasgow is home to many friends of Palestine and this is a deeply distressing time for them…We hope that peace can be found to ensure the human rights for the people of Palestine.”

This is the height of irony to anyone who knows anything about what Yasser Arafat and the PLO did to Bethlehem's Christians. 

Need I mention that Bethlehem is in Area A,  the part of Judea and Samaria under the control of the Palestinian Authority? And that any complaints about human rights or the lack of same ought to be addressed there, rather than Israel?

Ah,but never mind. The need to heart Hamas and slander Jews has a history in Scotland. It's downright fashionable.

Of course, not everyone is going along with the program,

On the city council’s Facebook page, the comments run to phrases like “disgusting decision,” or a “step backwards” for the city.

One commenter, David MacIntyre, wrote, “By allowing the Palestinian flag to be flown from the City Chambers [it] looks like a show of support to the Hamas terrorists. All our hearts go out to the innocent people killed and injured in this latest fighting… Glasgow is a very diverse city and also has a large Jewish community. How will they feel to see this."

As if Lord Provost Docherty and the rest of the Hamas groupies care!

And you know what the real joke is? The Weegies are likely to find out exactly what Bethlehem's Christians found out sooner rather than later. The yardstick for a population to replicate itself is a fertility rate of at least 2.1 per woman. The current rate (as of 2010, the last census) of non-Muslim Scots? About 1.2 kids per woman, while the Muslim rate in Scotland is 2.8 to 3.0..and that doesn't account for the ongoing immigration that's still incoming.Or polygamy.

Jimmy may not be pumping out the bairns anymore, but Abdullah is. And even more, because the native Scot population is aging while the Muslim immigrants tend to be younger, you'll see at some point in the not too distant future a disproportionally Muslim electorate.Sharia, anybody? It already has a decent start in the UK anyway

That cross on that town hall will go, and so will the cross of Saint Andrew for a more 'culturally enriched' banner.

Then we'll see how much they heart the likes of Hamas and Islamists when they have to live under them.

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