Friday, April 04, 2008

Absolut-ly In Bad Taste

The above ad, by Absolut Vodka represents a perfect reason for Americans never to buy their product again.

And it's stupid besides,geared towards certain consumers that obviously prefer cervaza, mescal and tequila rather than vodka.

For those of you who wish to let Absolut know exactly what you think of them and this anti-American nonsense, the PR person can be e-mailed here:

hattip to Cheat Seeking Missiles


Anonymous said...

Absolut are recognizing the new reality.

Freedom Fighter said...

This ad was made by a leftist Columbian and actually put out in Mexico and in Latin America with the idea of appealing to the fantasy among some Mexicans that the Gringos 'stole' their country, and thus the message- drink our particular rotgut and strike a blow against the yanquis and for the Latino reconquista.

The reality,of course is (A)that
the US fought a war, took some territory and still paid Mexico a pretty penny for it; (b) The Mexicans themselves conquered this land from the indiginous natives,who conquered it in their turn from whatever tribes were there before them and (c) even if the Absolut map was reality, Mexicans would still be trying to get into the US en masse from their corrupt failure of a country.


Anonymous said...

Why fret? Aren't you all part of the brand new country to be called the North American Union? [Just as we in the UK are part of a "brave new country" called the European Union!] Of course I jest, and in very bad taste.
seem horribly relevant as the world changes beyond any recognition.

Anonymous said...

It was the Spanish actually who took the land from the Indians. One way or another the future for the American south-west is Mexican.

The US has lost its vitality as a nation. This is all down to liberals.