Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Church Builds Mansion For Jeremiah Wright

There are many mansions, say the scriptures...and it's even sweeter when the flock of shorn sheep pays for it.

The UCC TrinityChurch building a $1 million mansion for Jeremiah Wright on a piece of land it owns worth $345,000.

The mansion will include an elevator, whirlpool, butler's pantry, circular driveway and four-car garage, and it also has frontage facing a golf course, so the genial old racist can shoot a quick nine holes when he's in the mood.

It will also boast a white lawn jockey on the front lawn.*

I seem to remember...wasn't Jeremiah Wright the same man who preached that the trouble with America was 'white greed'?

Even more fascinating for me is the location of Wrights' little piece of ChiTown. It's going to be located in the Odyssey Club neighborhood of Tinsdale Park, an exclusive neighborhood in Chicago that is easily 97% or more lily white!

No mucking around with the brothers and sisters for Pastor Wright....I mean, they have their place and all and I'm sure he appreciates the money they're donating that's making all this luxury possible, but living next to them....well...

See,Jeremiah Wright did get one thing right. Racism pays big time in America. And after all, as we see, he's speaking from something he knows about first hand.

*(the lawn jockey is an optional accessory, according to the building plans)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure he has plans to invite his flock over to the house for parties. Give a little tweak to the white noses in the neighborhood. And should any of his flock get stopped by a cop wondering what a black person is doing in a 97% white community, there'll be a lawsuit and a million dollar settlement, and its receipient will then be able to afford a house there as well..

Anonymous said...

All built with tax exempt money!

Send him back to Africa