Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Real Banana On Politics With Weekend Monkey, 4/9/08

FF: Once again,it's time to creep through the rancid political jungle with JoshuaPundit's own political guru and former Democratic Presidential Candidate, my pal Weekend Monkey.

WM: Hideyho,Primates!Whaddup, FF

FF: Well, Monkey, there have certainly been some interesting developments in the campaign since the last time we spoke..

WM: I'll say!

FF: Is Hillary toast?

WM: I still have her pegged with a one in four shot at bagging the nomination.

FF: So,put another way, a 25% chance.

WM: Geese, you can do math! Who woulda thunk it?

FF: Nice...

WM: Hee hee hee! Anyhow, I base that on the following data; one, I think the Donkeys are gonna have to seat Florida and Michigan,which means neither Obama or Shrillary is going to walk into Denver with enough juice to take the nomination outright.I still see Shrillery as taking Pennsylvania and Indiana,which is gonna raise some questions among the superdelegates about Obama Yo'Mama in the general.As it is they ain't too certain about him. I mean, at this point back in 2004 Kerry was up on Bush by almost 15 points... but Obama and McCain are in a statistical dead heat,which is actually good news for the cranky old guy and bad news for Jesus II.

So unless Shrillery loses PA or just barely squeaks by, which would be just as bad, she's in it until the end. And as we've seen, time isn't Obama Yo' Mama's friend...more stuff keeps coming out about him, the Rezco schtick, Wright and that cockamamie church, the way he won his races back in ChiTown, all of that.

I still see the Donkeys picking Obama, because they'll lose a lot of the black vote if they don't, but like I said...I give Shrillary a one in four shot,maybe even one in three if she does real good in Pennsylvania and Indiana. And remember Weekend Monkey's first rule of politics...whoever needs it more has an edge. If Obama loses out this time,he'll be back. If Hillary loses out,she's done.Look for her to work the superdelegates like a Vegas hooker. It's her best shot.

FF: Aren't you amazed by the facility with which both Hillary and Obama lie through their teeth?

WM: Are you kidding,FF? Obama kept me out of one of the Iowa debates by having one of his spokesmouths tell CNN that I would throw poop at the cameras! And when it comes to Shrillary...I mean,how can you even ask that question with a straight face? About either of them?

FF: Will you be at the convention?

WM: Probably. I think I can finagle an invitation because of some of my connections in Iowa.

FF: I still think that it was a real loss for the Dems when you were forced to terminate your campaign. who gets the Donkey Crown?

WM: I think Obama Yo' Mama has the advantage,with Shrillary having a one in four shot, just like I in three if she does good in Pennsylvania and Indiana. Actually, it doesn't matter who gets it,the Donkeys are going to have some disaffected voters come November, though not as many as some people are saying. If it's Obama, a lot of Dems will vote for McCain, especially Latinos,older whites and Jews; if it's Shrillary, a lot of blacks will likely be pissed off and sit out the election. I gotta tell you,FF, there's a decent shot that we still could see a brokered convention.

FF: So you see McCain winning? I think it's way too soon to make that call.

WM: I agree,FF. A lot will depend on who he gets to run with him. I saw what you wrote about Condi Rice...I think we can take it that you're not in favor of her!

FF: Yes, you can. Aside from the fact that it would allow the Dems to label it as Bush's third term,as far as I'm concerned all we need is a vice president in the back pocket of the House of Saud. Speaking of which, have connections in that part of the world, who are the Arabs rooting for?

WM: Are you kidding,FF? Obama all the way!He may be telling us he's not a Muslim, but the Arabs figure him for one..and a weak pansy ass they can walk all over.At least that's what Ibn Habish had to say about it.

FF: I still think there's a lot more stuff about Obama that will come out.Or maybe it's stuff we know about that hasn't hit the dinosaur media yet, like Jeremiah Wright being in the Nation of Islam originally....

WM: Yeah, could be, FF. Either way, an interesting campaign year with lots to report on for a political animal like myself...

FF: Speaking of which, how's the book deal coming?

WM: Good, but I don't want to jinx it by flapping my gums about it just yet.

FF: Fair enough, to you soon!

WM: See ya,FF!

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