Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where Hamas Gets It Right

Today the Washington Post ran an editorial by none other than our old friend, Hamas foreign minister, currency smuggler and bagman Mahmoud al-Zahar.

A number of commentators have decried the WAPO's eagerness to give this cockroach a public platform. But aside from the usual propaganda, he was correct in one major instance:

The U.S.-Israeli alliance has sought to negate the results of the January 2006 elections, when the Palestinian people handed our party a mandate to rule. Hundreds of independent monitors, Carter among them, declared this the fairest election ever held in the Arab Middle East. Yet efforts to subvert our democratic experience include the American coup d'etat that created the new sectarian paradigm with Fatah and the continuing warfare against and enforced isolation of Gazans.
He is 100% correct.

The Palestinian elections were an accurate and democratic referendum on exactly how a clear majority of the Palestinians - over 70% - really felt about Jews, Israel and the so-called peace process. A vote for Hamas, who has never made a secret of its agenda was a vote for jihad and genocide against the Jews.

That's the was too damned accurate.

The Palestinian election was part of President Bush's Arab Democracy fetish,and he twisted Fatah capo del tutti Mahmoud Abbas' arm to make it happen. But a funny thing happened on the way to a Palestinian state - the wrong people won, and it was a faction even the best efforts of Dubya and Condi Rice couldn't paint as peace lovin' moderates, like the goons in Fatah.

This presented a major problem for the Bush Administration,who were really counting on currying favor with the Saudis and the UAE by creating another Oslo setup with the 'moderate' Fatah faction. Having Hamas in power presented certain PR problems to the White House in terms of funding and nurturing that Palestinian state the Bush Administration wanted to present the Arabs and all their oil with so very badly.

So the Bush Administration did exactly what Dr. al-Zahar says..they attempted to foment a coup d'etat, spending millions on arming and training Fatah and building up Abbas' forces in Gaza for what was supposed to be a proxy war with the Iranian backed Hamas that would have taken control of Gaza for Fatah.

That ended up in a major debacle, with Hamas defeating Fatah with hardly any trouble at all and kicking them out of the Gaza Strip, while harvesting a major bonanza in hardly used US arms and equipment.

Now, had the White House consulted the likes of me, I would have warned them that Fatah was a sucker bet to put one's money on. Fatah has had a certain amount of effectiveness killing unarmed women and kids and blowing up night clubs and restaurants, but they have a pretty lousy record when it comes to facing armed men on anything like equal terms.

At this point, rather than admit that the vast majority of Palestinians prefer living in a terrorist squat ruled by Hamas and simply cutting off all funding and interaction with them, the Bush Administration continues to throw good money after bad by propping up Abbas on the West Bank and continuing to try and undermine Hamas while appeasing the president's Saudi pals by supporting 'Palestine'.

Still, fair's fair and al-Zahar's totally correct on this one. Salaam Aliekem and the best pigskin funeral shroud money can buy.

The rest of the piece is the usual garbage - al-Zahar laments about how them wicked Joos fried a couple of his family members whom he describes as 'students' but who were actually Hamas fighters, just like al-Zahar. Imagine those Zionist criminals, fighting back like that when they get hit by rocket attacks coming from Hamastan! Of course, Hamas could just stop shooting missile at Israel and end the terrorist attacks if they wanted to stop the Israelis from retaliating...but that would be wrong, no?

One particularly funny bit was when al-Zahar in one paragraph demands that the Israelis sit down with Hamas with no preconditions and in the next one demands that the evil Joos give Hamas everything before the start of the peace process:

A "peace process" with Palestinians cannot take even its first tiny step until Israel first withdraws to the borders of 1967; dismantles all settlements; removes all soldiers from Gaza and the West Bank; repudiates its illegal annexation of Jerusalem; releases all prisoners; and ends its blockade of our international borders, our coastline and our airspace permanently. This would provide the starting point for just negotiations and would lay the groundwork for the return of millions of refugees. Given what we have lost, it is the only basis by which we can start to be whole again.

At least he puts "peace process" in quotes..I'll give him that. The Joos surrender first and then get ready to take in a bunch of genocidal 'refugees' to swamp what's left of Israel - and then we can negotiate!

Unfortunately,this is exactly the Saudi "Peace Plan" the Bush Administration just essentially endorsed at Oslo.

There's no possibility of negotiations the way we normally think of them with this mindset, which is still back in the 7th century. The ranting old coward Yasir Arafat said it best on Jordanian TV the just after he signed the Oslo Accords.He reminded his audience of the Peace of Hubidiyeh, a treaty for 'eternal peace' made by Mohammed with his Quraysh enemies..that lasted only until he was strong enough to massacre them. And he finished by saying, "Either we will throw the Jews into the sea, or the Jews will throw us into the sea..that's how it will end."

Indeed, it needs to end.And sooner, rather than later.


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