Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello Berlusconi, Bye Bye Prodi

There some good news out of Italy today, as Silvio Berlusconi, a conservative and a good friend of America has been re-elected Prime Minister of Italy for the third time, scoring a crushing victory over the Socialists.

This very much ties in with general trends elsewhere in Europe.

Projections showed that Berlusconi's coalition won 163 seats in the Italian Senate, compared to 141 seats for Leftist candidate Walter Veltroni, the ex-mayor of Rome.

In Italy's lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, the count was 332 seats to 215.

The election was largely a referendum on Roman Prodi's left wing government,which ended up doing a pretty fair job of damaging Italy's economy with repressive economic policies and high taxes in the 20 months it lasted.

From the US standpoint, we can no doubt expect an Italy with a much different outlook than the Prodi government.And the Italains, if Berlusconi keeps his word about cutting taxes, putting Italy's fiscal house in order and cracking down oncrime and illegal immigration will be much better off.

Interesting sidelight...Silvio is 71,around the same age as a certain Arizona senator..

Viva Il Berlusconi! Basta La Bandera Rossa!

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