Thursday, April 24, 2008

Head Of Israeli Air Force: "Israel's Air Force Is Ready For Any Threat, Especially A Nuclear Iran"

Major General Eliezer Shkedy spoke to 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon, in an interview on the IAF that is scheduled to air Sunday, April 27, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

"I think it is a very serious threat to the state of Israel, but more than this, to the whole world," Shkedy says of the Iranian leader’s public animosity toward Israel. "They are talking about what they think about the state of Israel. They are talking about destroying and wiping us from the earth," he tells Simon. It reminds him of the Holocaust. "We should remember. We cannot forget. We should trust only ourselves."

The general likens ignoring Ahmadinejad today to the atmosphere that enabled the Holocaust yesterday. "In those days, people didn't believe that Hitler was serious about what he said. I suggest not to repeat this way of thinking, and to prepare ourselves for what they are planning," says Shkedy. "We should be prepared for everything."

Shkedy's views on the matter are likely affected by the fact that his family are Holocaust survivors.

I get the distinct feeling that Shkedy and his men are unlikely to go quietly. This time, the Jews are armed.....

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Anonymous said...

I don't look for Israel to passively sit by and wait to be destroyed. I look for them to be proactive and take out this threat. Iran will likely have nuclear weapons by this time next year. Also, Russia is busy upgrading the Iranian Air Force. All of this means Israel has less than a year to act.

Anyone who believes the intellegence report that says Iran is ten years from having nuclear weapons is either; A.) very, very stupid, B.)blinded by ideology, or C.) to lazy to test what the main stream media tells them for reasonableness.