Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nine Mahdi Army Fighters Bite The Dust In Sadr City

It was another bad day for Mookie's boys, as renewed fighting broke out between the jihadis in the Mahdi Army's Sadr City stronghold and US and Iraqi troops.

Abdellatif Rayan, a media spokesperson for the Voice of America told reporters that a US Army helicopter killed nine "criminals" in Sadr City. "We do have reports of an air weapons team engagement, a US helicopter, where nine criminals were killed at around 8:00 AM," Rayan told Voices of Iraq.Apparently this was a command center populated by members of the Iran `Special Groups' who've been training, arming and commanding the Mahdi Army.

"Criminals' is being kind. Cockroaches is more like it.

According to the Washington Times, Moqtada al-Sadr's men and their Iranian allies are positioning explosives and checkpoints for a last ditch defense of the major routes into Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood and their other strongholds,anticipating a major battle with U.S. and Iraqi forces.

This is actually some very good news, no matter how the dinosaur media and certain members of congress attempt to spin it. It means a pitched, shock battle against US and Iraqi firepower for Mookie's forces that can only end one way.

The Mahdi Army is finding out the hard way that fighting men who shoot back is a bit different then kidnapping and terrorizing unarmed civilians.

In spite of that, there's a very good chance the Mahdi Army will try to initiate hostilities. In two days, General David Petraeus and US Ambassador To Iraq Ryan Crocker come before Congress to brief them on progress in the U.S. troop surge.

Just as the NVA and the Viet Cong were willing to eviscerate their forces and suffer a massive defeat in the Tet offensive during the Vietnam War in order to politically influence the usual suspects on the American home front, Moqtada al-Sadr and the Mahdi Army may very well time a major terrorist offensive to go down during Petraeus and Crocker's appearance before Congress.

As Nancy Pelosi,Jack Murtha,both Democrat presidential candidates and a number of their compatriots have shown us,there's a ready market for this type of swill, and they're already revving up for hysterical outbursts before Crocker and Petraeus have even landed.

The Mahdi Army knows it can't possibly win on the ground in Iraq. But they might just win here in America, on the home front.

It's the only real chance they have.


Anonymous said...

5 US soldiers killed today, several dozen injured in increasingly accurate attacks on Green Zone, bases. Keep that news from the people, boss and you just might keep the troops in Iraq long enough to protect Israel a little longer.

Freedom Fighter said...

Isn't it cute that cretins like this are always 'anonymous'?

This is the kind of mental retardation that I normally allow comment moderation to filter out,but every so often I like to let one through so the members of Joshua's Army see that they're not missing anything.

The attacks on the Green Zone are far from`accurate', and the latest from Iraq is that almost 30 of Mookie's boys have been killed.

As for our losses, exactly two of our warriors were killed in a freak hit on a base in the Green Zone, and one during an attack at the Rustamiya base in east Baghdad.

Another was killed not in the Green Zone but by an IED in Diyala,where al Qaeda is retreating, and another was killed in a non-combat accident.

War involves casualties, unfortunately, but characterizing this as an American defeat is farcical.

Of course, we could always turn tail an dleave Iran and/or al Qaeda in charge, right?

People like our friend here think that it's all about Israel and the Evil Jooos,and there's no convincing them otherwise..although if they bothered to think at any kind of conscious level, they'd realize how silly that notion was...

But I digress.