Thursday, April 24, 2008

Syria's North Korea Connection

Demolition IAF style - before .....and after

Israel has been extremely reticent about exactly what the facility was that they destroyed in Syria last September.

I had a pretty good idea at the time that what the Israelis took out was a nuclear weapons facility..especially when the Syrians made sure to get rid of the rubble and bury everything so quickly.

It's now been confirmed through official channels in a briefing of the House Intelligence Committee that what the Israelis took out was indeed a nuclear site...and that it was part of a secret deal between Syria's Basher Assad and North Korea.The site was within weeks of being functional.

Of course,regular member's of Joshua's Army who read this site already knew the details a long time ago. It could best be summed up as nukes-for-wheat.

North Korea was supposedly negotiating with Condi Rice and the Bush Administration to curtail their proliferation of nuclear weapons. It remains to be seen what effect these revelations will have on those negotiations. If you'll recall, North Korea was supposed to dismantle its nuclear program by December - a deadline they conspicuously missed.

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