Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Company One Keeps

There is an extraordinary effort being made by the Barack Obama campaign and his adherents in the dinosaur media to revile people for the attention being paid to certain Disciples of the Faith.

"McCarthyism" they scream. "Racism! Guilt by association! How dare you bring that up!"

Now, I'm the last person to condemn someone because of his casual associations, or something a member of his family did that may or may not have anything to do with them personally. But I think it's perfectly legitimate to notice that a number of Obama's boosters have a certain...smell...about them.

In many cases, we're not talking about casual associations, but people Obama directly sought out by choice and has had ongoing relationships with. In other cases, we're talking about people Obama may not have had much to do with directly, or who's views Obama might claim not to be 100% in sync with, but whom are still supporting him. And it's quite proper to consider why.

If certain groups and individuals are supporting someone, it stands to reason there's a reason, if you get my drift.

And that's not guilt by association, but a legitimate piece of data to consider as we prepare to hire a Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

These associations fit right in with Obama's pastor of choice for two decades, Jeremiah Wright and his courting of ex-WeatherMen terrorists Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorhn when he wanted their endorsement to give him authentic radical Left cred when he was starting out in politics.

So, let's look at some of these other folks:

First, there's John Conyers, (D-MI) who is going around the country campaigning for Obama.
Conyers,who's district includes that quaint ouptpost of Islam known as Dearbornistan is beloved by CAIR and the MPAC as a congressman because of his steadfastly anti-Israel voting record, and because of a bill he introduced in Congress, HR 288 that would have singled out Islam for special treatment and opened the way to criminalize any criticism of it.

He's also the wack job that chaired the infamous mock impeachment of President Bush in the White House basement, which turned into a gutter level anti-Semitic fiesta, and his latest project is to call for reparations by the United States for slavery.

Next, we have the Reverend Eric Lee of the Southern Christian Leadership Council. His particular claim to fame was a vicious anti-Semitic diatribe aimed at a Jewish philanthropist named Daphna Ziman, who was at a charity banquet being honored for her work with at risk black children that was literally crawling with Los Angeles politicians..who of course, either conveniently left early or claimed they 'weren't paying attention.'

After opening by thanking Jesus for Barack Obama, "who is going to be the leader of the world" Lee went into a diatribe that would have done credit to Louis Farrakhan or Malcolm X,back in the day:

At first,Reverend Lee denied it.(Some people that were present and were paying attention have corroborated Ms. Ziman's story, and I personally know her repute as one not given to flights of imagination). Then, he apologized for what he first claimed to not have said. And then he claimed his remarks were 'misunderstood' by the cwazy Jew lady.

He's still proselytizing for Obama as part of the campaign, without any problems whatsoever.

Then there's some well known figures; Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, Harry Belafonte,who called Colin Powell and Condalezza Rice 'house servants', broadcaster Randi Rhodes of Air America, who went on the air and told US troops to desert and called for a sitting president of the United States to be whacked like Fredo in 'The GodFather', leftoid actress Susan Sarandon, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's laughable National Security Advisor and now holding the same position in Obama's campaign.There's Barack Obama’s official campaign blogger, Sam Graham-Felsen, a hardline Marxist and a groupie of the Stalinist Socialist Worker's Party.

There's Michael Moore, who
endorsed Obama just the other day, John Kerry who arguably committed treason against his own country while in uniform during wartime, George Soros, and most of the bigwigs at CAIR.

For that matter, there's Hamas.

There's Hatem El-Hady, the ex- chairman of the Toledo, Ohio-based Islamic `charity', Kindhearts, which was closed by the US government in February 2006 for terrorist fundraising. These days, he's doing fundraising for Obama, and lists Michelle Obama as a 'friend' on his Facebook page.

I could go on ad naseum, but I think you get the message.It's quite a group.

Now there are lots of other people who are mesmerized by Jesus II. Some of them just like the idea of a black man as president, regardless of just seems so liberal and liberated. Others just like the fervor of the manufactured Hope and Change mantra.

But there are an awful lot of racist, radical Leftist and Islamist ideologues who wouldn't endorse somebody unless they felt that by doing so, they were furthering their objectives.

Are you beginning to see what I mean by a certain smell?

The thing about Barack Obama is that when it comes to getting into power, he could care less. He'd rather just gloss over these things and hope nobody notices the stench. As a matter of fact, he's demanding we take no notice of the stink.

He just wants to have it both ways, and eat his waffles.

(hattip to Australia's The Age for the Obama graphic)


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Fritz J. said...

FF, while I might not have picked the very same people you did to point out Sen. Obama's somewhat dubious associates, you pretty much struck the nail squarely on the head. It is not that I have reason to believe that Sen. Obama agrees with or supports all of those people's ideas or beliefs, but they do call into question his judgment. It is quite difficult to be convincing that you are above reproach when you continually associate with people of dubious character. It is also difficult to believe that he does not have at least some sympathy for the ideas and beliefs represented by those people given that he is unwilling to completely repudiate such people.

Anonymous said...

I laugh in your face. Your simplistic reading of American Politics, as if there were more than one party involved in it - is such a farce. Politics here, as you wish you could read them, are pure theater. No matter who wins, The elites of society will not change, the government will continue the predecessor's policies, and most if not all campaign 'promises' will be broken. You are better off not even voting at all. This whole game is fixed and has been for 60 + years. They just want us all to believe we have a voice in 'selecting' our 'leaders'. So you just go ahead and go on with the fearful life you are living, constantly afraid of 'others' It won't matter one iota if Obama, Clinton or McCain succeeds our current criminal government. Your life will pretty much take the exact same trajectory.

Freedom Fighter said...

Dear Anonymous II,
Ummm,thanks for the ad hominum attack.I'm glad my piece provided you with some amusement. You sound like you're in dire need of it.

Your faith in democracy and in our Republic is just touching.

You're certainly entitled to the paranoia,and welcome. But I've seen direct evidence in my own life that my vote counts,and that freedom involves both sacrifices AND involvement - if it isn't going to just melt away.

As for who gets elected making a difference in your and my personal life,like or not it's a fact. The Clinton administration's sale of advanced weapons technology to China and essentially ignoring the threat of Islamist terrorism have made a huge difference,for instance.So has the political opposition in certain quarters to any vestige of domestic energy creation,taxation policies and appointments to the Supreme Court.

And no,while they're not pristine,I don't think our government is any more criminal than the norm...probably less so than at certain times in the past,because of the increased scrutiny.

Referring to people you disagree with as 'criminal' has a specific legal connotation. That's a bit different than merely disagreeing with policies.

Government ain't perfect...but you can still advocate for th ebest possible choice for your particular agenda.

That's exactly the point of this essay,Bubba..that there are a number of people backing Obama because he fits in with their agenda,and I merely attempt to make the reader aware of it,since the Obama campaign has been,shall we say,less than forthcoming about this stuff.

Thanks for dropping by