Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cwazy Unkie Jimmy In Ramallah

Ex-president Jimmy Carter is in Ramallah today, gleefully doing something even George W. Bush couldn't quite manage to get himself to do - placing a memorial wreath on the polluted hole housing the rotting, AIDS ridden carcass of Yasir Arafat.

It's a major aid to clarity on the basic nature of the 'Palestinians' and what they've become that a murderous and exploitative vampire like Arafat would be enshrined by them as a national hero.

Yasir Arafat was nothing more than a sadistic mass killer and gangster with the morals and conscience of a cockroach, except an honest cockroach has a lot more worth than Arafat ever did.

Not that I'm surprised, but it's also revealing that Unkie Jimmy, an ex-president, would choose to honor a man who personally had two US diplomats kidnapped and tortured to death. Among his many victims, Arafat also ordered the murder of another three American diplomats in Gaza and was behind the murder of numerous other of Carter's fellow citizens, including Leon Klinghoffer, who was shot and tossed into the sea with his wheelchair on Arafat's orders when the PLO hijacked the Achille Lauro.

Carter, as an ex-president knows this better than anyone...but he still went to Ramallah to pay obeisance to the ranting old coward.

Cwazy Unkie Jimmy can't even use the excuse that he's 'honoring the Palestinians', since Arafat and his minions murdered a fair few of them if they opposed him or got in the way of a particular piece of the action. Arafat and his crew also stole a substantial amount of the aid money intended for the 'refugees'and diverted it into their own pockets.Conservative estimates put the amount of theft at better than 40%.

The Israelis caught a certain amount of flack for refusing to have the Shin Bet augment the US secret service detail accompanying Cwazie Unkie Jimmy. At first, I had mixed feelings about it, but after this, I think even the US secret service should have left this waterhead to fend for himself.

Believe me, it's not like he's in any danger from Fatah or Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

They know a useful tool when they see one.

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