Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Watcher's Council Nominations, 4/29/08

Every week, the Watcher's Council members nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week's Council nominations can be found at the site of our fearless leader, the infamous Watcher of Weasels

Do take the time to check out the non-Council links as well - they're always worthwhile.

So here's this week's lineup...enjoy!

The Company One Keeps
Joshuapundit -The Barack Obama campaign and his adherents in the dinosaur media are doing their very best to circle the wagons and revile people for the attention being paid to certain Disciples of the Faith.

"McCarthyism" they scream. "Racism! Guilt by association! How dare you bring that up!"

However, I can't help noticing that a number of Obama's boosters and people intimately involved with the candidate have a certain...smell...about them. And I'm not just talking about Jeremiah Wright, and Bill Ayres ....

Past Is Never Past
Done With Mirrors - Callimachus has an interesting post this week,talking about the effect of free trade and the loss of manufacturing on the basic prosperity of the country and what could best be termed increased economic concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer people.

As a point of interest, I mention that the only presidential candidate to mention this in any detail from both a strategic and economic viewpoint was my personal choice for president, Duncan Hunter...and hardly anyone gave him the time of day.

Oppressive Speech Regulation
Rhymes With Right - Greg takes umbrage at a Colorado case of excessive regulation of freedom of speech and assembly, an outgrowth of McCain-Feingold. As our former Councilmate Okie once wrote, its amazing how much less free ordinary life in our beloved Republic has become in a few short decades..

Outfoxed By Obama & The Twelve Unasked Questions
Wolf Howling - GW looks at Barack Hussein Obama's foray on Fox News, a mere two years after he was first asked and pledged not to ever go on. In his view, Chris Wallace avoided asking probing questions of the Chosen One, as GW examines the interview in detail.

Throwing Bashar a Lifeline
Soccer Dad - This week, Soccer Dad examines the execrable Ehud Olmert and his strange compulsion to toy with ceding strategic high ground in the Golan to the murderous regime of Syria's Basher Assad. I personally suspect the not-so-subtle hand of Condi Rice in the mix, still fantasizing about a great diplomatic coup that would take Syria out of Iran's orbit.

Of course, that's a mere Bek'aa Valley hashish vision on her part...but then, so is the idea of Israel giving Syria the Golan Heights because of some words on a piece of paper. Olmert's fellow countrymen would have him committed if he tried it, I think.

An Article About Islam Most Amazing for What It Doesn't Say
Bookworm Room - Ms. Bookworm does a nice job of looking at both an account by her local San Francisco Chronicle of an 'Islamophobia' conference hosted by UC Berkeley and the conference itself, and is surprised in spite of herself at the non-mention of Islamist terrorism in the Chronicle piece.

They're probably scared to death to do so.

I often wonder how Herb Caen would have fared in today's Chron...dear, dead days.

Moral Relativism Reaches a New Low
The Colossus of Rhodey - Hube likewise has a nice piece eviscerating the dinosaur media..in this case, a leftard by the name of Deborah Leavy who actually got an op-ed in the Philly Daily News equating China's human rights record with our own. Although she was savvy enough to include a lame disclaimer at the end,her basic meaning remains unaltered.

I wonder at such people, most of whom have been experienced extraordinary good fortune and tolerance in our society they would not elsewhere. In the 1930's, a number of non-Jewish Germans left the Fatherland (actress Marlene Dietrich and author Thomas Mann among them) because they refused to support a regime they considered criminal with their acquiescence, their presence and their taxes. Perhaps people like Ms. Leavy, Reverend Wright, Noam Chomsky and others of that ilk ought to consider having the courage of their convictions as well. I would respect them for it.

Rising Food Prices
The Glittering Eye - Dave Schuler examines the phenomenon of rising global food prices and opines on his reasons for the vast increases.

Obama's Exxon Valdez
Cheat Seeking Missiles - Laer has an interesting take on the Jeremiah Wright/Barack Obama situation, obviously written before Obama's press conference today. It's interesting that out of the three probable courses of action he felt that Obama had to deal with this situation, Obama chose a mixture of choices one and three....uh sort of, but not really...what was the question again...uh..hope n' change everybody??

Teacher Arrested Not Once, But Twice!
The Education Wonks - EdWonk examines the case of a 28-year-old female teacher caught in 'inappropriate behavior' with a coupla 15-year-old teenage boys. Of course it's wrong, wrong.I guess they don't make teachers like they used to...but I can only say that I would have been delighted to be victimized in that fashion at 15!

More to the point, Edwonk makes the totally correct statement that even if she's found guilty of what amounts to a sex crime, she will likely escape incarceration altogether, as has been the case with several other female teachers in this situation...and that if the teacher had been a male and his victims female, the punishment would likely be a lot harsher.

Wright's Revenge
Hillbilly White Trash - Lemuel waited a bit longer for his take on the Wright /Obama face off, and examines Newt Gingrich's view that Wirhgt was angry at Obama for distancing himself fromhim and deliberately called him out.

The Total Witlessness of Obama Apologists
Right Wing Nut House - Rick examines the wrigglings and turning of the Obama apologists as more and more of this genuinely lame candidate's flaws and questionable past comes to light. What can I say, Rick? To the Obama-ites,he's a religious figure.


Anonymous said...

I loved your reference to Herb Caen. I grew up reading his column, and often miss his wit and City gossip. Of course, were he writing today, he'd be as muzzled as anyone else, especially since he was, to my knowledge, a good card carrying liberal.

One of the things I've realized is that, in the past 20 years, liberalism has made enormous strides, not only in censoring "others," but in censoring liberals themselves. PC-ness must be the greatest threat to freedom of speech that's ever occurred in America.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Books,Nice to see you..pull up a chair.

I lived in the City for three years, and a dose of Caen along with my morning caffeine was always a great day to start the morning. I

Y'know, I always thought of him as a classical liberal,as opposed to the modern species...but yeah, you're right. He probably wouldn't have survived in today's climate in the Bay Area without keeping his trap shut and his pen fettered.

All Best,