Monday, April 14, 2008

What the Arabs Are Being Taught About Israel

Here's an interesting news feature direct from Al-Alaam TV, reacting to the recent move by the US Congress to equate the fate of Jews ethnically cleansed from the Arab world after 1948 with that of the `Palestinians'.It's totally consistent with what these lying scum are teaching the Arabs and Iranians about Israel and the` Zionist Entity'.

So much for Dubbyah and Condi's efforts at 'dialog' hmmm? What a colossal waste of time and money.

For the record, here's a comparision of what happened to the Jews after 1948 as compared to the Arabs:

In a paper published by The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Zabludoff shows that many more Jews were forcibly displaced or expelled from their homes around the world than Arabs, that they lost significantly more property, and were helped over the years to a much smaller extent.

The number of Arabs displaced by the War of Independence in 1948 is estimated at 550,000, and another estimated 100,000 were displaced by the Six Day War in 1967. The number of Jews who were forced to move as a result of the Israeli-Arab conflict was between 850,000 and one million.

It is further estimated that the Jews, most of whom lived in cities, lost $700 million in lost and stolen property - worth some $6 billion in today's dollars. The Arabs of 1948 and 1967, on the other hand, lost an estimated total of $450 million, or $3.9 billion in today's money.

Zabludoff notes that the case of the Arab refugees is different than any other refugee crisis in world history, in that aid for their cause has never stopped, and has been ongoing for nearly 60 years. UNRWA, the United Nations Relief Works Agency, has poured $13.7 billion dollars into the Arab refugee concentrations. In addition, Arab and Western countries have given their own aid over the decades.

The Arabs have also done much better than the Jews in terms of repatriated assets. Israel returned more than 90% of blocked Arab bank accounts and most of the contents of safe deposit boxes, Zabludoff notes, while there have been only "a few cases where Jewish property was restored."

While many of the Arabs living in the Land of Israel left their homes voluntarily, goaded on by Arab promises that they would come back as victors and be able to displace the Jews, the Jews in Arab countries were generally expelled amidst violence, threats and confiscation of their property.
The transcripts from government radio stations in Egypt,Jordan,Iraq and Lebanon screaming for jihad against the Jews and urging Arabs to leave until they could return and help themselves to Jewish wealth, property and women still exist..why else do you think the'Palestinians' bothered carrying those famous house keys with them?

Another point that's not often made is that the Arabs who left Israel only travelled a short distance and were received by a friendly and sympathetic population who spoke their language. The Jews were often coming hundreds of miles through hostile territory, and a number of them never made it.If they did, they never received so much as a penny's help from the UN.

The Arabs had a choice to make, for the most and over 100, 000 of them chose to stay in Israel, where they became full citizens.

The Jews in the Arab countries had no such choice....which is why there are over 1 million Arabs living in Israel today, and virtually no Jews in the Arab world.

For the Arabs to admit that, however, would expose the entire 'Palestine' scam they've run so successfully over the last sixty years.

As I've written before, the central issue in Middle East peace is the inability of the Arabs to abide Jews living next to them in peace and equality. Change that, and the problem solves itself.

That's the whole game, right there in a nutshell.

hattip to Trying To Fix The World

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