Monday, April 07, 2008

Condi For VP?

A lotta noise about this one, but I doubt that John McCain is that dumb.

From his standpoint, the last thing he needs is to play into the Democrats likely campaign meme that a McCain presidency will be 'Bush's third term.'

And by the way, if anyone thinks that the GOP can compete with the Donkeys in playing identity politics,guess again. To people like Jeremiah Wright,Harry Belafonte and the NAACP,no black person who's a Republican is an 'authentic' black. As a matter of fact, somebody like Rice is a `house negro',if you know what I mean. Condi Rice brings zip to the ticket.

From my standpoint, if McCain runs with someone so blatantly in the pockets of the Saudis and the UAE,he can pretty much forget about my vote, and I'm by no means alone in that assessment.

But, like I said, I think that McCain is smarter than that.


Anonymous said...

if mccain plays the race card.
i would bet on michael steele.
imo, he is what obama would like to be.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
Actually Obama would like to be a more secular version of Malcolm X,I think.

Michael Steele is awesome,but like Rice adds nothing to the ticket. When he was running unsuccessfully for the senate, blacks in Maryland threw Oreo cookies at the stage.

Now, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, that's another matter.As an Indian (ie `a person of color')and a conservative Southerner...could be good.