Monday, April 07, 2008

Bedtime For Bonzo? The Clinton Eclipse

"Here's the blood, still. All the perfumes of Araby will not sweeten this little hand."
- Macbeth, Act V

"You know, there comes a time when you just can't get your best stuff over the plate anymore." -
Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale, on quitting the game.

The fates have not been kind to Hillary Clinton lately.

There she was, all but anointed to waltz into the White House when she got outflanked on the left by George Soros' creature Obama, playing the same kind of sly racial politics and class warfare the Clintons themselves did so well in the past.

And after a knock down drag out fight, just when it looks like she might have been able to pull the thing off, she gets hit in succession by media exposure of blatant lies about a trip to Bosnia and a woman in Ohio who was supposedly a victim of America's 'nightmare' health care, suffers major fallout from the public release of she and Mr. Bill's tax returns, and has to ditch her top campaign strategist because of his exercising common sense - er, a conflict in interest by working on a trade agreement with Columbia the Democrats are playing politics with.

Sad, in a way to see Lady Macbeth brought so low, especially by someone who is merely mimicking the Clinton's' tactics in spades, as it were.

As the odds get longer and longer on her to capture the Donkey crown, she keeps trying harder and harder to pretend she's just one of us bitter yokels. But it occurs to me that she has truly become one of us in a very special just another patsy for Mr. Bill.

After all, if it wasn't for her covering for him, Bill Clinton would never have made it to the White House, let alone survived the various bimbo eruptions and scandals that shook the Clinton presidency almost from day one. They had, as we might say, an arrangement.

Hillary went through with her part of the bargain. In exchange, both she and Mr. Bill were able to peddle enough influence at home, with the Chinese and with the Arabs to become enormously wealthy and she was able to end up buying a seat as a carpetbag senator in New York, where even the rats mostly come from Somewhere Else originally. But the ultimate payoff looks like it's going to slip through her fingers, even if she somehow manages to whack out Jesus II on the way to the anointing in Denver and make it to the general election.

Part of this is simply the smelly residue of a decade and a half that's been accumulating over time. Spend long enough in the stables mucking around horse manure and the stench is bound to stick, even if you emulate Lady Macbeth and wash your dainty little hands with all the perfumes of Araby five times a day.

But another part of it, a part of it that's almost too rich, too funny for words is what our gal Hillary might almost dub 'a vast Left wing conspiracy'..her wholesale abandonment by the long time Clinton allies in the dinosaur media for a guilty thrill running down their collective legs, a newer, fresher, slicker pretender to the throne named Obama.

All of a sudden, the antics and wholesale prevarications of the woman Bill Safire once openly referred to in print as a congenital liar aren't getting a pass the way they once did from these folks, back in the roaring nineties.

The wind shifted, tribe has spoken, and like all good cannibals, they eat their own. No mercy there, Bubba.

All that remains is the filth left behind for the rest of us to clean up.

Let's not indulge in half measures here, or in mistaken meanings - Lady Macbeth bought into the game of her own free will, and gleefully wallowed in the trough along with the other pigs, especially the Hog In Chief. But he essentially escaped into the world of six and seven figure speaking and 'consulting' fees, book deals, and auditioning interns for his presidential library. Hillary was left behind to suffer the ridicule and catcalling that always accompanies an act that's been on stage too long with the same shoddy old material.

One could almost feel sorry for her, but then, that's show biz.


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P_J said...

I've thought for a while that Obama is really Clinton 2.0. He is simply faster, smarter, and better at the game. I think that's why many old Clinton hands are running to him, by the way. He's got Bill's strengths and capabilities without the baggage.

It must truly gall Hillary to be hoist on her own petard, so to speak.