Friday, January 22, 2010

Britain's Muslim Police Revolt In Favor Of Jihad

Britain's National Association Of Muslim police(NAMP), representing over 2,000 police officers has pretty much just let everyone know where their real loyalties lie.

They attacked government policy on countering Islamist extremism in a seven page memorandum sent to Parliament saying that government ministers were wrong to associate Islam as the cause behind recent terrorist attacks, and that Far Right extremists like the BNP were a much more dangerous threat to national security.

The NAMP claimed Muslims were being “stigmatised” by the British Government’s anti-terrorism programs, which was creating “hatred” against the Muslim community and that that Muslims were subjected to 'daily abuse' due to British government policies.

Even more telling, the NAMP said the Government’s policies could not “continue unchecked” and that Muslim police officers "might be reluctant to take part."

The threat in these words is implicit.Unless Britain accommodates radical Islam and stops targeting it, not only will these Muslim police not enforce the law, they are saying they will encourage other Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement and will actively sabotage any policies they don't agree with!

The whole idea that the real threat to Britain comes from the ‘far right’ rather than home grown and imported jihadis is something only someone living in a cave for the last ten years or so could accept without bursting out laughing. It isn't the BNP or any of the other boogeymen of the‘far right’ who are attacking synagogues or blowing up or attempting to blow up subways and airplanes in Britain and elsewhere. It's only dumb luck and the diligence of some brave men in Britain and elsewhere that has kept the death toll as low as it's been.

And all of this is part of a global jihad, a Holy War waged in the name of Islam, like it or not. However many Muslims merely want to live peaceful lives and do not support that war, the fact remains that there are plenty that do. And their number is increasing.

Since it seems a lot of Muslim police are not only in denial but appear to want to support the jihad. They're saying directly that they'll only support the laws they want to and will actually encourage breaking the laws they don't. This is the same trend we've seen with the no go areas for non-Muslims in Britain, and the legitimization of sharia law, a blatant attempt to establish a parallel Muslim state in Britain that is loyal only to the dictates of the Muslim umma. The NAMP are simply a disloyal fifth column and another arm of the jihad, unpleasant as that may be to hear.

This is what Britain's Labour government has gained by constantly working to appease the Islamists and Muslims in its midst.


Anonymous said...

The British Police Forces have been politicised for many a long year; these days you don't get to be a Chief Officer unless you subscribe fully to the prevalent Socialist theories. The National Muslim Police Officers Association is only one of a number of politically correct special interest groups (Black, Gay & Lesbian, etc) within the police each of which has been flexing their muscle of late.

Of course this is straight from the EUSSR integration script. Nothing works like it used to do. And that is by design. The EU seems to plan to destroy everything it wants to lay its grubby hands on; so that it (the EU) can helpfully provide "the solution". I pray that it isn't "the final solution" but I have my fears.

The nation that was Britain as you knew it is now beyond salvation. Instead, pray for the souls who will individually respond to the Lord.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Yokel,
I would go a step further.

I certainly don't blame the Brits as a whole, but Britain was responsible for the broken promise of the Balfour declaration and the Mandate, directly complicit in the death toll from the Holocaust and did its very best to ensure a second one at the hands of the Arabs in 1948. And I think there is a direct connection between Britain's decline and loss of power and Empire and those actions.

History, as you know,is filled with prior examples.

However, not to be Panglossian but I have a funny feeling that there is a roar left in the Lion yet. As loss of liberty and the threat of losing the entire country to Islamization becomes more dire, I think the British will react quite forcefully,although it will neither be pretty or neat.

I think we're already seeing the beginning signs of it.