Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's Must Reads, 1/12/10

Welcome to today's must reads in news, politics and opinion, hand picked by Natasha.

Feel free to send anything you find that you feel is worthy of a look to me at rmill2k@msn.com and I'll review it. This includes stuff you write yourself. Or if you prefer, you can send it attention Natasha, our official must reads Avatar..she loves mail.

  • CNN: Congressional Black Caucus Backs Harry Reid

    What a surprise, eh?

  • Gateway Pundit: Ann Coulter to Al Sharpton: “Did Harry Reid Ask You to Stop Using Your Negro Dialect Too?”

    A must see!

  • Pollster.com: Widely divergent polls in Massachusetts Senate election

  • Byron York :Desparate Dems try to Palinize Massachusetts Senate Race

  • Neo-Neocon : Can Mr. Brown go To Washington?

  • Video: Scott brown - 'It's not Kennedy's seat, it's the people's seat'
  • That could be the money quote of the election right there.

  • Right Wing News: Liberal Pollster Shows Brown Ahead

  • Rasmussen: Looking closer at the Massachusetts senate polls

  • common sense from an authoritative voice.

  • Thomas Friedman, NYT:Muslim World Must Publicly Denounce Jihad Terrorism

  • Washington Times: Obama's havoc to the US intel system

  • Der Spiegel :Interview with General Stanley McChrystal - how to win in Afghanistan
  • As always, a superb interview from Germany's Der Spiegel. This one is with our commanding general in Afghanistan and sheds considerable light on what's happening.

  • Fausta :Panty bomber Abdulmutallab's London al-Qaeda connection

  • WSJ: Taking the Measure of Obama's Foreign Policy

  • John Bolton/WSJ:Let's Take Bureaucracy Out of Intelligence

  • WSJ:The Administration has ways of making terrorists not talk.

  • The Brookings Institute :The Narco-Jihad

  • Robert Kagan: Obama's Year Of Failed Diplomacy

  • Victor Davis Hanson : 2010, our year of decision

  • Associated Press:Stimulus a failure

  • Pajamas Media
    Fannie and Freddie - Frauds by design

  • CNBC: Chris Dodd - ObamaCare 'hanging by a thread'

  • Phyllis Schlafley :10 reasons ObamaCare can still be killed

  • Philip Caputo/Atlantic:The Fall Of Mexico

  • The Hill :US Chamber of Congress sayas Obama's policies will lead to 'double dip' recession

  • CBS :The Copenhagen Junket - 20 members of Congress get all expenses paid trip

  • Jerusalem Post :Islamists in Algeria burn and loot Protestant church

  • Adnan Khan, Maclean's:Pakistan: An Insurgent's Paradise

  • Jerusalem Post:Israel to Turkey - If you want a fight, we'll fight!

  • Jerusalem Post:US Iran sanctions to be targeted, mild - Obama Administration to block bills which would affect refined fuel imports

  • Pam Geller/American Thinker:Obama Aids the Enemy He Will Not Name

  • Jihad Watch:CAIR's Honest Ibe Hooper caught boasting about getting Saudi money -- which he has denied getting in public

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