Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brown Vs. Coakley : Down To The Wire In Massachusetts

The special election in Massachusetts to fill the open seat left by Ted Kennedy's death continues to heat up.

Republican Scott Brown continues to pick up momentum against Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley, who appears more clueless and gaffe prone with every day that passes.

Brown did very well in the debate Coakley finally consented to, coming up with the money line of the evening. When asked how he rationalized filling Ted Kennedy's seat because of Brown's opposition to ObamaCare, Brown responded "It's not Kennedy's seat, it's the people's seat"

The same debate saw Coakley declaring that there were no terrorists in Afghanistan, something that would be news to the men and women we have fighting them there.

Amid a number of other silly statements, she's also going to go down in campaign history for putting out an attack ad on Brown that actually misspelled the name of the state she hopes to represent.

Unfortunately, Coakley also not only a liar but a transparently poor one, as shown by her insistence that she 'didn't see anything' when Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack was thrown to the ground while trying to get a question in by a burly Democratic apparatchnik named Michael Meehan..even after this photo surfaced:


Meehan, by the way, is an Obama appointee to the Broadcasting Board of Governors with some obviously useful talents, given the nature of the administration. For her part, Coakley has not ousted Meehan from her campaign or even done the obvious thing and apologized - although Meehan eventually did.

She is, in short, a pillowcase, with what few ideas she does have being exceedingly dangerous -just as I told you earlier.

That in itself may not matter. There are a number of people in Massachusetts who would rather vote for a neanderthal over Jesus, as long as the caveman had a 'd' after his name on the ballot.

At this point, Coakley understands that, or more likely made to understand that as top Democratic operatives have been flown in to work the campaign. Coakley has been the recipient of huge financing from both The Democrat Senate Campaign Committee and the boys at the SEIU, and she's started using the money to fund particularly nasty attack ads. Significantly,comments are disabled on her YouTube channel, a sure sign that she knows the ad is factually challenged in the extreme. I wouldn't be surprised at this point if she puts out ads accusing Scott Brown of child molesting, robbing church collection plates and poisoning cute, fluffy puppies.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown has been denied any national support by the RNC, thanks to the self-absorbed cretin running it...although he's done decently raising funds on his own from conservatives through sheer momentum and exposure on conservative talk radio and blogs.

As an added ace up her sleeve, Coakley also has ACORN making a special effort to get the vote out for her in their special way, so we can expect votes from corpses and people with names like Daffy Duck, Ima F.Raud and Izzy Dunyet with addresses at the local Democratic party campaign office or city library.

The idea of course, even if Brown squeaks out what looks like a win is to delay certifying the results as long as possible so that he doesn't become the forty first vote in the Senate and torpedo ObamaCare. As a matter of fact, the Dems are working from that very possibility, strategizing on how to finish the heist before Brown can be sworn in just in case he actually does win.

Of course, if it is nailbiter close, the Dems will probably delay things until they can find enough votes in the trunk of a car or something to give Coakley the win. Meanwhile, Paul Kirk,the current placeholder in the seat has already said that he'd vote for Obamacare if given the chance.

How will it all end up? Scott Brown actually had the right take on it.The Senate seat belongs to the people of Massachusetts. And if they'd rather have a brain-dead tool like Martha Coakley representing them, the choice is theirs.

The senate election is January 19th, one day before the end of Prez Zero's first year in office. Call me optimistic, but it does occur to me than electing Scott Brown to the Senate would make a superb anniversary present for the current occupant of the White House.

Just a little something to go with the morning coffee, as it were.

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