Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama's STFU Speech - Doubling Down On A Failed Agenda

I absolutely could not believe President Obama made this speech with a straight face. I felt dirty even listening to it.There were literally so many outright lies I could hardly keep track of them.

Here's a capsule summary of some of the biggest ones, and I predicted most of it:

See, everything I had to deal with was all Bush's fault, even though I spent more money in one year than BushHitler did in eight..and that was while fighting two wars and dealing with the hits from 9/11 and Katrina. Oh,and uh, Let's have more civility and end the blame game in Congress, now that I and the Democrats are in power.No more names except when I get to call 'em.

The banks and the lobbyists and Wall Street are evil, except the ones I deal with. And I pinkie promise my administration is gonna start being more transparent, tomorrow.

I'm going to shove this ObamaCare over the goal line regardless of what you peons want. And that goes for cap n' tax too, even though you retards are too stupid to worship the Global Warming Religion. We're gonna tax those evil bankers even though we got the TARP funds back from them mostly, just like my bro Warren Buffet said. You'll see those taxes reflected in the fees you peeps'll pay when you get loans, take out credit cards and open accounts.

I'll toss in a line about clean coal and nuclear power, and even offshore drilling but you know I don't mean it. After all, hasn't it been me and my Democrats that have obstructed any kind of domestic energy creation for years, unless it was making a dollar's worth of ethanol for a dollar and thirty five cents? And believe me, I'm going to keep pushing the green jobs mantra, even if it's been proven to actually cost more jobs than it creates. Lotta money in that for the right people.

I'm gonna take credit for whatever success there is in Iraq, even though I and my party did their very best to sabotage the war effort and the surge strategy while Bush was in office an dour troops were under fire. And if Iran isn't careful, they're gonna be on double secret probation in six months, or a year, or something.

Hey, I even tossed a line in there about standing up for the Iranian protesters, even though I did nothing of the kind.

Veterans? Yeah, always good for an applause line. I'll promise more benefits without getting specific and hope nobody remembers how I tried to take away the VA benefits from wounded vets and make 'em buy their own private healthcare, when I wasn't having Napolitano demonize 'em as a bunch of right wing whackjobs and security risks.

I'm gonna take credit for two million jobs saved or created by the stimulus no matter what the CBO says! After all , they don't know all the different non-existent zip codes and congressional districts we sent money to!That shows you how awesome I am....I can create tax payer funded government jobs that create no wealth whatsoever!

Oh, and spending? Now that I've run the deficit up to historic levels, we'll start doing a spending freeze on a token amount - next year. I'm gonna stop smoking next year too!

In short, I'm doubling down on my agenda, because it's all worked so well and because of how wonderful I am. Bend over America!Full speed ahead Left!

There was a lot more - his egging on Congress to diss the Supreme Court for instance, a new low in decorum -but that's the gist of it.

I don't think I've ever seen a president more willing to soil himself in public. I'm not sure which is more contemptible, Obama's agenda, his disdain for the intelligence of the American people or his sense of himself.

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Anonymous said...

You nailed it! I concur.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this

What Obama Reads: Andrew Sullivan, New Yorker, Economist, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone

Anonymous said...

How about the morons disdain for "seperation of powers."

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Y'all,
I'm not surprised at Zero's reading list. He probably think of the deranged, Jew hating Sully as a 'conservative.'

Elise, you're totally correct...but remember,Zero has a disdain for all of us.