Monday, January 25, 2010

The Democrats' Circular Firing Squad

I admit being quite amused watching the Democrats flail around sniping at each other in the wake of recent events.

They seem not to have understood the essence of the above message.

While they were all willing to take credit for the 2008 coronation of Prez Zero, they now seem to delight in pointing fingers at each other now that Obama is in meltdown mode.

Here are some of the funnier examples, and they're all pure comedy gold:

James Carville thinks the road back involves blaming Bush more. This actually makes sense on some level since it's the only real tune left in the Obama songbook and is still a hit with the true believers.But recent numbers suggest that it isn't anything like the hit song it was a year ago.

Some Democrats, like Florida's Sen. Bill Nelson and Indiana's Evan Bayh are looking at the polls ( Bayh is down 4 points against prospective GOP challenger Rep. Mike Pence) are saying that the Obama White House needs to heed the fact that almost 2 to 1, most Americans simply don't want Obama Care and that he needs to start governing from the center.

Meanwhile, your average Leftard is urging Prez Zero to get ObamaCare passed by whatever means necessary. And the Democratic leadership in Congress is meeting behind closed doors with the Administration trying to connive a way to get it through.

At the same time, 'progressives' are fighting mad about the fact that Obama hasn't gone completely off the deep end.

Obama, of course, was never really the Wizard of O, the hero who was going to rescue the nation from the Evil Conservatives while unicorns and rainbows poured out of his behind.

What he was instead is the same thing he is now - a mediocre politician schooled in the corrupt petri dish of Chicago politics, with a highly inflated view of himself and his capabilities.

Because of that, he will stick to the script and keep going even if he destroys the Democrats in the process. After all, Prez Zero only has to worry about one election, and the indications are he doesn't even care about that one.

That's who the superdelegates - the Democrat Party movers and shakers independent of public vote - awarded the nomination to while tossing Senator Clinton under the bus in order not to alienate the monolithic black vote, the nutroots and George Soros' money.

That's the man the Democrats spent half a billion dollars electing using any means fair or foul, while the media, whose job it was to vet people like Barack Obama operated like a gaggle of high school cheerleaders.

They're all stuck now with the man who sits on the throne they moved heaven and earth to steal, and if it's coming back to haunt them, so be it.

Share victory, share defeat.

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louielouie said...

At the same time, 'progressives' are fighting mad about the fact that Obama hasn't gone completely off the deep end.

while this is the position of the overwhelming majority of flaming blues that frequent my store, i sort of wonder.
considering the success that slick willy had diverting all attention from the nosediving dotcom industry by focusing on the Y2K fiasco. i.e., no planes have fallen out of the sky yet. flown into buildings yes, but not fallen out of the sky.
i wonder if hussein is going to focus our attention on the end of the world.
you know 2012. in december of that year i think. so if the world is going to end in 2012, we're all going to need obamacare.
oh wait, that doesn't start until 2014.
i just wonder............

Douglas Lee said...

President Obama stole the election? What color is the sky on your planet? George W. Bush stole his first election. You're just another despicable liar.

Freedom Fighter said...

Nice astroturf.Tell David Axelrod I said hello.

I never said Obama 'stole the election'.I said he and his cohorts won using any means fair or foul.

Here's only one of many examples.

Second,I defy you to prove that the 2000 election was stolen.All nine Supreme Court justices agreed that the Democrat-dominated Florida Supreme Court acted unconstitutionally in demanding multiple and selective 'recounts'. The 5-4 decision was over the remedy.

You might want to read Bill Sammons 'At Any Cost' on the matter among many other sources.

Thanks for playing.