Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gibbs: 'Khalid Sheik Muhammed Will Be Executed"


Now, I've never accused Obama spokeshole Robert Gibbs of being overly bright, but this is off the charts.

We heard all kinds of pious rhetoric about 'justice' and a fair trial for KSM out of the Obama Administration. The cornerstone of American justice is that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. And yet, here you have the White House spokeshole telegraphing in advance that the fix is in and the verdict is predetermined?

Can we hear a loud chorus screaming 'show trial' from the Arab world after this stupidity? Yes we can!

And that kind of destroys Obama's argument that trying KSM in civilian court is going to send some kind of positive message.

Not only that,but you notice this little weasel won't answer a direct question on whether the Administration is still going to push to try KSM in Federal Court or backtrack and send the case to a military tribunal.Instead, he responds with the classic ten-year old line 'Bushie did it' without CNN's John King reminding him that the Bush Administration had to commit to a civilian trial in the case of Moussaoui because he was a French citizen and France only waived extradition because the Bush Administration agreed to a civilian trial.

If I were KSM's attorney I'd be literally rubbing my hands in glee and filing a motion for dismissal because this idiot just prejudiced a prospective jury.Not only do we have Gibbs on record, but the President - whom I read somewhere possesses a law degree.

Even some voices on the Left get how absurd this is, like Firedoglake's Cynthia Kouril, an attorney:


White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs just said that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) would likely be executed after trial and conviction. WTF?!?

Am I the only person left who still remembers a legal concept called presumption of innocence? Am I the only one who remembers that the whole point of a trial is that the outcome is not certain?

Listen Gibbs, do NOT insult the prosecutors who are about to work their asses off trying to put together a winning criminal case. Do NOT insult the hardworking defense counsel who are going to put thousands of hours into making sure that KSM gets due process. Do NOT insult the excellent federal judges of SDNY by suggesting that any one of them would preside over a kangaroo court. Do NOT insult our entire criminal justice system.

In a real trial, the outcome is not known before the trial occurs. Further, much of the information in the hands of the government which will be used at trial against KSM should currently be Grand Jury Material, subject to secrecy under Rule 6e. Which means that you, Robert Gibbs, cannot legally know exactly what that evidence might be. So, how could you possibly know if KSM is going to be convicted? How do you know that?

The Obama Administration has already apparently backed down from holding the trial in New York City,but there's no telling how silly this is going to get before it ends.

Remember that you heard it here first - there's at least a 50/50 chance that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be acquitted, because (a)his attorneys will claim the evidence gathered against him is inadmissible because it was obtained under duress and 'torture',and because it's impossible for him to receive a fair trial thank to Gibbsie and Zero (b) because he was not given his Miranda rights when he was arrested, (c) because the federal government will have to make a choice between abiding by the disclosure rules of evidence by revealing confidential info or dropping the charges or a combination of all three.

This administration is not only Keystone Kops incompetent,but dangerously so.

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Anonymous said...

Gibbs is so emblematic of this adminsitration it is scary.