Friday, January 01, 2010

Colorado State Employee Faces Discipline For Obama-Insulting E-mail

For the record,This image is an unauthorized photoshop alternation of an original photograph by Ted Szukalski.The original is worth a look and can be seen at the link.

A Colorado State employee is facing discipline for sending the above photo to four of her colleagues at work:

The 73-year-old Colorado Department of Transportation worker forwarded the e-mail to at least four co-workers and others on Dec. 22 using her state e-mail account. One of the recipients outside the agency complained.

The original sender of the e-mail, who isn't a state employee, wrote "It appears he (Obama) has found his niche."

CDOT spokeswoman Mindy Crane says the worker could face discipline ranging from a written reprimand to suspension. Employment rules require that she meet with personnel officials first and have a chance to respond in writing. That meeting is scheduled for next week.

Whatever your feelings above the above photo,there's a huge precedent of cases involving employer ownership of e-mail and computer facilities at the office, and the perp is definitely going to get her hands whacked. Deservedly so.

That also applies to caricatures of Sarah Palin ( many of whom are borderline obscene)or of ex-President Bush sent through the same channels, as opposed to being sent via your own computer and your own e-mail account, or appearing on your own website.

As for Obama finding his niche, that's a decidedly ridiculous comment. Not only would he not have a clue how to run his own business,but as I've noted before, the Obamas got into politics and government to do good and ended up doing very well - for themselves.

Unlike a lot of his fellow Americans, Barack Obama is not going to have to worry about making ends meet, finding a job after he's out of office, dealing with dysfunctional schools for his kids or wondering where his next meal of $100 per pound wagu steak or greens fees are coming from.

And he did it all on other people's money.


Anonymous said...

Stalin's fossil censors now all employed again by the B+ odumunist thought police will certainly sentence thes registered democrat who emailed this photoshop creation to a minimum 50 years at hard labor for anti-B+ thoughts.

Seth Willows said...

"Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, reported assets of between $456,000 and $1.1 million, making it unclear if he is a millionaire. He and his wife had total income of $984,000 in 2006, including $567,000 in royalties for two books he has written. In 2005, Obama received a $1.9 million book advance."


Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Seth,
Welcome to Joshua's Army.

I just love it when I find out that someone who is presumably and adult still believes what a politician like Barack Obama says.

The CNN article you're citing in over 2 1/2 years old, quoting Obama when he was first running back in May 2007. His actual 2007 income per his returns? Try $4.2 million - and that comes from that well known anti-Obama right wing organ, the New York Times.

Of course,that includes a $312,000 income for Michelle Obama from her no-show job as 'community relations director' for Chicago University Hospital, a job so vital it was eliminated once she became First Lady.Or the value of the sweetheart deal he received buying his mansion via Tony Rezco or on his mortgage.

In 2008, their income was $2,656,902 after deducting almost $80,000 in 'self-employment tax', and it obviously does not include monies received 'in kind' via the campaign.

Like I said, politics has been very lucrative for the eObamas

Thanks for playing.

Rob Miller

Seth Willows said...

And what nationally popular politician has politics not been very lucrative for?

It would seem that you're employing a classic double-standard here.

Certainly, Sarah Palin, pictured in the same photo, has profited handsomely from her brief and meteoric political celebrity, even though she quit her job as Governor of Alaska.

Yet you make no mention of this, and go so far as to false assert that Obama "did it all on other people's money," making it sound as if the president never held a job in the private sector, which he has, both as a civil rights litigator, university professor, not to mention successful author, and that only democrats have a monopoly on enriching themselves via their fame derived from public office.

so, thank YOU for playing.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Seth,
It seems to me that YOU'RE the one who made the original incorrect statement, claiming Obama wasn't a millionaire and citing a bogus CNN article.

I merely corrected you.

I have no problem with people making money, as long as they're doing it honestly and by their own efforts. In Obama's case, that's highly questionable, and I cited three examples, Michelle's no-show Job, Obama's sweetheart deal on his mansion via Tony Rezko and Obama's connection with Saddam's oil-for-food bagman, Nahdni Auchi which is how those substandard Chi-town housing projects got built.

And there's a lot more I could cite.

Further, Obama's jobs have always been on the public tit...'community organizer'??

And where exactly does Sarah Palin come into this? Or did you just reflexively feel the need to bring her into a conversation that she has absolutely nothing to do with?

Of course, she actually worked for a living before getting into politics , didn't she?


Freedom Fighter said...

Oh Seth, two other things...'community organizers', university professors, etc. are not commonly regarded as 'private sector jobs, because they are paid from the public purse.

It's not like running your own fishing business, being a sportscaster on a privately owned TV station, working in a store or a number of other private sector jobs Sarah Palin has held. And since, as I mentioned, this was a photo-shop, Sarah Palin did not actually appear in it, so to quote Governor Palin, you're just makin' stuff up.

Second, if you're the open minded sort, you might want to check this out, which details President Obama's long-time connections with the Nation of Islam and the Saudis, as well as some interesting speculation on his career as an author.

At least Governor Palin was arguably a bit more open about employing a collaborator, as well as getting her book deal based on her actual accomplishments.


Anonymous said...

Ouch Rob,

That's gotta leave a mark!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how these people will bring Sarah Palin into anything. Obsess much, Seth?

I was totally unaware of the Obama/ Saddam Hussein connection. Who knew?

Sam L.

Christian Atheist said...

I can't believe I'm the first one to notice this. It should be blatantly obvious to anyone this is photshopped ( I'm looking at you, Seth)
As we are all no doubt aware, Obama isn't worthy of shining Sara Palin's shoes!

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi CA,
Worthiness aside, he wouldn't have the first idea on how to go about it.

I was going to include the original non-photo-shopped image, but the photographer seemed a touch onery about the way his picture was used, so I demurred.

Digital Photo Ted said...

The image shown here is an unauthorised and unlicensed plagiarism of my original, copyrighted photograph, which you can see here
I am an Australian photographer, and the original photograph was a positive story on a man who down on his luck offers shoeshine service to make a leaving instead of begging. This is not a common sight and he may be the only street shoe shine service in the whole of this country.
Sadly, some unscrupulous character altered this image to create the highly controversial plagiarism shown here. This anonymous coward went further and often kept my name and name of my website on the distributed image thus implying I have created this alternation. I have not.
I have stressed on my website I have no interest or opinions on American politics or social issues. However, many people who assumed I was the author of the image have called me racist. I am not.
This post is to distance my name from this plagiarism based on my original photograph and from the views it may portray.
My preference would be that is image is not shown, as it indirectly legitimises plagiarism and without clear captioning and attribution does not distinguish between me as the author of the original photograph and the plagiarist. However, I accept due to social commentary you may want to keep displaying it. In which case I would like to ask you to caption the image using wording to the meaning “This image is an unauthorised alternation of original photograph by Ted Szukalski” linking the words “original photograph by Ted Szukalski” to
Ted Szukalski

Freedom Fighter said...

I thought about displaying your original but was worried about exactly the issue you mention.

I appreciate your giving the drum to my readers.

No worries, consider it done.